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"God Can't Even Save You From Me!"

I don't really see what all the buzz on "Faster" is about. Everyone is all like, "'Faster' is the most action-packed film of the year" and "'The Rock' kicks ultimate ass in 'Faster'" and all this and that but I didn't really see neither of those live up to the movie. I wouldn't go as far as saying that "Faster" is the most action-packed movie of the year because when the action does happen it isn't too amazing. None of the fight scenes are entertaining enough because their is never any suspense to make us wonder what Driver will have to do to win...he just does everything quick enough and brings all the bad guys down like bitches. It was entertaining enough watching bad guys go down too easy. Oh, and here's a tip before watching this movie: Watch the red-band trailer because every single kill-scene and action scene is in it...literally. That's no joke! But, I must say this, though the action wasn't enough to make me pumped up, "Faster" holds up a lot of surprising drama and its a lot less dumb than I was expecting. This, for me, will be a mixed opinon. "Faster" is just a rent in the end, though, if your truly dying to see it.



(Little Spoilers)

We've seen the story for "Faster" a million times and this movie doesn't do anything to make the "revenge-thriller" genre just a tad bit different for once. Anyways, here is the storyline for "Faster":

When a group of bank robbers, Johnson's character being the Driver, are double-crossed on a heist, all of them are killed, including Driver's brother. When Driver goes to the hospital and saved by placing a metal plate in his head, he goes off to serve ten years in prison. Ten years later, Driver is released and he's more than ready to go after the one's who double-crossed him and his brother. When he gets a list of the ones who killed his brother, Driver just goes to person after person and kills them with no challenge..and for me, that was the movie's biggest problem. I like it better when our story's action-hero has a challenge because then it makes the fight scenes more interesting. Anyways, as Driver tries to avenge his brother two other things are going on. The first is that a an assassin, only known as Killer, is hired to go after Driver by an annymous hirer. Throughout the movie it is clear the hirer is the one who double-crossed the robbery. While Killer tries to go after Driver, he struggles to convince his worried new-wife that it is his last job. Then, the third thing is that a Cop, only known as Cop, works with an FBI Agent to take down Driver, since he is on a rampage. Cop also struggles to find time for his son and has to make a choice between his job or family.

If there is one thing I wasn't expecting from "Faster" its the good character development. Thats really the only thing good about the movie. I was expecting a very dumb over-the-top action-flick, kind of like "Machete", but instead this movie holds not enough action but great character-story. Each of the three main characters: Driver, Cop, and Killer all have their own story and their connections to each other in this movie is actually really interesting to watch. I never expected any sort of character development out of this movie so I was actually glad to see that.



Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been hyped up for his role in this since he has left his Disney path for once to jump back onto the Kick-Ass path. Well, he does kick-ass somewhat in this movie, but, as I said, I don't really think the action or kills in the movie were good at all. Anyways, Johnson gives a decent performance as Driver. I've definitly seen other actors do much better jobs in the avenger-type role. Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Killer and does a pretty good job. The performance is solid, not fantastic, and doesn't bother me too much. But, however, the best performance in the movie goes to Billy Bob Thorton as Cop. Thorton's performance as a drug-addicted, lost cop is interesting to watch and other than the good character development, its Thorton's performance that brings this movie up just a little bit more.



Director of Notorious, George Tillman Jr. does an okay job with the direction on "Faster". Like Notorious, "Faster" has a real overly-dark look to it, but the direction isn't actually bad, its just decent. Two Gayton brothers write the script, and in my own opinon, the story of it was good, but the dialog could be much, much better. Its not like the dialog is cheesy, but, it was a little too dull, I thought. The script, for me, is only okay. The story isn't great, for me, because we've seen it a million times but their work on the character development was quite nice.


My Last Words!:

Overall, "Faster" isn't something that should be on your to-do list. Catch it when it hits OnDemand or Red Box because its nothing to pay a ticket-price for. I wasn't expecting much out of it, but, I was curious on it and I actually wish I went with something like "Burlesque" because at least then I could've enjoyed some catchy musical numbers.

Thanks for the read!


(This is my review. Every word, every paragraph is mine....MINE!)-----I thought I'd start using that tag thing, as well. :D

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