Faster Review

“Faster Is A Complete Disappointment That Is Nothing More Than Dwayne Johnson Shooting People In The Face.”

December 21st, 2010

I was completely anxious to see this film because Dwayne Johnson finally stop doing a stupid kid film. But frankly this is no better. I thought this film was going to be action packed. But no, every kill involves a gun. There is no hand to hand combat or any action. Also this film takes itself way to seriously and tries to add drama, which ruins this film. Also this film is completely unrealistic and idiotic. All the actors are not interested in the story at all and they just want to get this film over with it. Also this film is just way to predictable, the green and red band trailer show you the entire film and all the fight scenes where in the trailer except one but it is incredibly dull. I now it sounds like I absolutely hated this film but there are some things I did like about.

The directing in this film is so damn bad. The director seriously could not keep the fucking camera still for a minute. There are scenes with people talking and the camera is shaking. It seems like they filmed this movie off a fricking camcorder. The production value of this film is awful as well this film seems so cheap and poorly made. There is nothing interesting about the story.

But my big problem with this film is that NONE OF THE FUCKING CHARACTERS HAVE NAMES!!! This seriously pissed me off they just have codenames like "Driver" "Cop" and "Killer". Also the due who played "Killer" was so irritating and so over the top. Cop was also not likable. Now that I think about it I seriously could not think of a single thing I liked about this film. Sorry for my extremely lane revew.

Overall, Faster is a disappointing film with no action, no character development, mediocre acting and a bad written script. Please avoid this film.


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  • dan1 • 5 years ago

    Haha, funny review. Your angry rant is hilarious to me. :P


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