Final Destination 3


The third film follows high school student Wendy Christensen who fails to stop the fated roller coaster ride that she predicted would cause the deaths of several of her friends. She teams with schoolmate Kevin Fischer in a race against time to prevent death from revisiting the survivors of the accident.

‘Final Destination 3’ Scares Up the Top Position on the DVD Sales Charts

Final Destination 3 and The Benchwarmers went toe to toe for the top spots on the DVD charts, but ultimately they ended up splitting the number one positions.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Final Destination 3 was No. 1 on the VideoScan First Alert sales chart while The Benchwarmers took that position on Home Media Retailing's video rental chart. Both of these titles took the number two positions on the respective chart they won.

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‘Final Destination 3’ to Be Released In A Special 'Thrill Ride' Version

In a story from Variety, New Line Home Entertainment is putting together an interactive Thrill Ride edition of Final Destination 3.

Release, due in stores July 25, will give viewers repeated opportunities to make life-or-death choices for its characters.

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CONTEST: Win Prizes from ‘Final Destination 3’!

In celebration of Final Destination 3 hitting theaters today, we're giving away some fantastic prizes from the film to some lucky readers of the site!

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Who will make it out alive in ‘Final Destination 3’?

What's the fun of going to the theaters if you're not freaked out? It's the third time we get to experience that excitement in the Final Destination series. Since virtually everyone has been killed off in the first two movies, it's a brand new cast to live " well, at least for a little bit.

It's basically the same premise though; a mysterious accident triggers death after death after death. But the real fun is how these guys actually die. We caught up with two of the actors, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman, who told us about shooting the film and getting fake blood splattered on them.

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SPLATTER SHOCKS: Director James Wong Talks ‘Final Destination 3’!

Director James Wong plays dead with Spooker Washington and talks Final Destination 3

But first, I have to share this Interview I did with the director of Final Destination 3, James Wong. You may remember that he helped to create a little show called The X-Files (I never saw it), with Chris Carter. Well, he's back behind the camera for part 3. Here's what he had to say about his latest trip to the other side...

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SPLATTER SHOCKS: The ‘Final Destination 3’ Kids Speak!

Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ryan Merriman dig up the dirt on Final Destination 3 with Spooker Washington!

H: You guys shined in the movie.

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New Line Cinema Wants You to See ‘Final Destination 3’ Early!

New Line Cinema invites you to attend an advance screening of their upcoming horror sequel, Final Destination 3.

CLICK HERE and enter today!

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Your First Look at the ‘Final Destination 3’ Poster

Movie PictureBloody-Disgusting have posted an exclusive first look at the one-sheet poster art for the upcoming sequel, Cheating Death: Final Destination 3, coming to theaters February 10th.

The fright-filled Final Destination franchise returns to theaters in the supernatural thriller Cheating Death: Final Destination 3. Set six years after the original Final Destination film, the latest installment in the series centers around a high school senior who has a premonition of a fatal roller coaster accident involving herself and all her friends. When the premonition proves true, those who have "cheated death" and survived the accident are forced to deal with the repercussions of escaping their fate.

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