Final Destination 5 Review

“A Huge Step Back In The Right Direction !!!”

August 20th, 2011

Okay so I figure the best way to kick this review off is to tell you how i feel about the series as a whole , seeing as opinions of which entries are good seem to fluxuate wildly from viewer to viewer.Final Destination , great concept a slasher movie without a slasher fun performances and a truly disturbing death scene .... cough ... Todd .. cough make this one a winner ! Now here is where I am swimming against the stream I found Final Destination 2 to be fun but entirely goofy and missing that ominous feel it seemed to me that this one all the deaths ( mostly ) could have been avoided by simple logic . And the five million visions the girl gets and dumbass back story about a baby were a nice attempt at treading new ground but ultimately were just silly.Props to an AMAZING opening scene though! OH! And for video game nerds Kratos is in it! lol

Final Destination 3 again the majoritive opinion seems to be that this movie sucks but I thought it made up for the sequel's shortcomings.Back to an ominous feel not laid on nearly as thick as the original but it was still nice to have back.The cast was much more likable than in 2 and the death scenes were FAR better , minus the opening premonition .The Final Destination not only dick-smacks you in the face with a title that undermines the continuity of the series but reeks of ass ! Even as a hardcore fan of this series my smile faded soon after the beginning credits weak opening , terrible acting and death scenes that are all tailored to 3D instead of making ... you know .. sense. Only honorable mentions being the end sequence in the mall and the guy getting his guts sucked out his asshole , that is awesome !

So now that we are all at an understanding of my feelings on each entry so you personally can evaluate whether or not my review of THIS movie will pertain to your personal taste , we come to .... Final Destination 5 !!! And I have to tell you it sticks to my formula that all the odd-numbered entries rock !!! There may be some light spoilers ahead but i will do my best to just touch on the basics . So a group of young adults working at a paper company are going on a retreat when Sam has a premonition that the under-construction bridge they're bus must cross goes down in glorious fashion taking the lives of everyone aboard , Sam wakes up unharmed blah blah blah you know the rest . Great premonition by the way ! I dont know if its better than 2 but its a close call , very actiony . Another thing I liked during this sequence was that the director sacrificed the opportunity to be gory at times to just have a great scene .... does'nt always have to be bloodier to be better!

So Sam and his buddies make it off the bridge and life is good until that glorious butthole the Grim Reaper comes to collect what should have been his the first time around. And as we all know he is'nt content to take these poor helpless younguns quietly in they're sleep FUCK THAT death puts on a show!The death scenes recall some of the suspense and plausibility from the original with your mind racing to figure out how everyone will kick the bucket before the gnarly payoff. And the cool thing is not all of the deaths end as you may predict unlike The Final Destination where everything is super obvious or just dumb.Not all off the deaths are gems but the majority of them are fantastic with just the right ammount of 3D to add fun but not cheesy to all the gore.

This installment also does a few minor things differently which arent nessecarily ground-breaking but not detrimental to the story like in 2. First off is the idea that if you kill someone outside of your group of doomed compadres you will give them to death and aquire the EXACT ammount of time that person would have lived ! Obvious solution , go and shoot a baby in the face ... cold but true. And also ( Minor Spoiler Alert ) one of the central characters does'nt die EVEN in the premonition! That's something new and for me I thought that was cool because personally I would be like "Good luck guys " and jump dodge , but she was either a great friend or a dumb bitch and stayed to watch the fireworks.

I had a great time with this movie and it is now my second favorite installment! The cast was good the deaths were fun the 3D was not intrusive it was everything I had hoped for and then some! And the cherry on top the ending was a beautiful love letter to all the die hards out there! If you like the series and have lost faith (understandably) after the fourth film I would like to tell you that your time and money will not be misplaced here!And if you are like me and liked 1 and 3 then maybe you will LOVE it like I did ! A great time at the movies and I will be buying this bitch on Blu-Ray!!! And I'm a cheap fuck so that says something .

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