First Blood Review

"Nothing Is Over! Nothing! You Just Don't Turn It Off! It Wasn't My War! You Asked Me, I Didn't Ask You! And I Did What I Had To Do To Win! But Somebody Wouldn't Let Us Win!"

Well I watched this movie after seeing the newest installment of the series, and just like when I watched the new one, I was completely astounded at what an awesome movie this is. It's alot different from the new one, but it definitely explained to me what was going on with the character of John Rambo, and it's a very good movie, and I'm going to have to go see if I can't get a copy of the book it was based off of.

The director of this movie was Ted Kotcheff, whom I don't really know all that well. Ted Kotcheff works together with Michael Kozoll who wrote the script and the screenplay, and David Morrell who wrote the novel that this movie was based off of. Togther they bring us one of the most action-packed and epic movies of our time. Definitely one of the most memorable action flicks as well.

The visuals in this movie are incredibly good for the year that it came out, and that's what makes it so awesome. The whole forest look really ties things together nicely, and also the gun fire and the explosions are all very realistic and believable for the era that this was released, I'm sure this was as mindblowing then as it still is now, maybe even more if that's possible. Also the wounds on people look real, and for such an old movie the blood is also very believable and convincing, I'd say that this movies visuals are on par with the visuals of today still!!!!!

The storyline of this movie is quite the epic one, and even if it is taken from a book, it doesn't matter because of how good it is. Basically a veteran of the Vietnam War tries to go around and get some food, but he is stopped for supposedly being a protestor because of his army jacket. Soon he starts having flashbacks to the war and goes crazy. It's a very epic film, as I've said before, and the storyline has you going right from the get go, and it holds you down and keeps you in one spot, you won't even want to get up to go to the bathroom. It's very action-packed and even in some parts very moving, and it just makes the movie all the more incredible!!!!!

Sylvester Stallone stars in this movie as the Vietnam War veteran, and a Green Berret at that, John Rambo. John Rambo decides to visit one of his old war buddies, and then finds out that his buddy has died due to cancer caused by the war in Vietnam. He goes to a small town with the intention of getting something to eat, but is stopped by a police officer, who thinks he's just a drifter and a protestor because of his scruffy appearance and his army jacket. He escorts him out of town, but John turns and heads back, and starts a huge riot. While he's being processed for jail one of the wardens is an asshole to him and causes him to have flashbacks to the Vietnam War and this sends him over the edge. He escapes to a mountain, and accidently causes the death of a police officer, and he just goes on a rampage. Sylvester Stallone does an amazing job in this movie, and he really just makes this role, all of his actions, and the way he is in this movie just make it perfect and believable, he really was a perfect casting choice for this movie.

Richard Crenna, whom I'm not familiar with at all plays Colonel Samuel Trautman. Trautman is basically the leader of the troop that Rambo served in, in the Vietnam War. He knew John, and he knew that John was the best of them all. When he hears about what is going on in this small city he shows up, to try and help out the police, but meets a stubborn minded sherriff, who has to have things his way. Trautman knows that he can stop John, he just has to be able to get to him so that they can speak. He constantly warns the sherriff and the people that John is much better than they give him credit for, and that he could wipe all of them out with ease, but they still refuse to heed his word. He finally gets contact with Rambo over a radio, and tries to get him to surrender but it fails, and so he has to get to him face to face and talk to him. Richard Crenna really does an excellent job in this movie as the Colonel, and his scenes are very moving because he went through what John went through, and he wants to help. Richard Crenna has all of these emotions down, and it really helps the film all for the better, and makes the movie that much more believable and convincing.

Brian Dennehy, whom I also do not know at all plays Hope Sheriff Will Teasle. Will at the beginning of the movie finds John Rambo walking into town, and by his scruffy appearance and his army jacket he immediately assumes he's a war protestor, and so he takes him and escorts him through town. When he gives him his warning, and drops him on the edge of town, he heads back into town, only to find that the stranger is walking back. Well he goes, and when the stranger fights back a little, he takes him in and has him detained, well during the process the stranger is constantly battered by Will's deputy sheriff Arthur Galt. Galt causes the stranger, whom they find out to be called John Rambo, to go insane, and he escapes. Well, while on their search for him the deputy sheriff is killed, and Will immediately takes this personally and tries to have John flushed out and killed. Then he meets the Colonel, and they already hate each other. Brain Dennehy does extremely good in this movie, and he plays a stubborn sheriff, and he just has it down to the last dot, and he was a great casting call for this movie, his scenes are incredibly believable and convincing, and it adds to the movie all the more.

All in all, if you haven't seen this movie, well then go out and by it now because it is definitely worthy of all five stars, and the rental fee would just waste more of your money. It's definitely an epic film and one of my new favorite Sylvester Stallone movies!!!!!

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