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A pilot with substance abuse problems becomes a hero when he safely lands a malfunctioning plane.

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CONTEST: Win Flight on Blu-ray
Denzel Washington stars in his Oscar-nominated performance as a pilot who faces tough questions about how he averted disaster.
EXCLUSIVE: Flight 'Inverted Plane' Blu-ray Featurette
Writer John Gatins describes a real-life plane incident in this special features clip from the Blu-ray and DVD, debuting February 5.
Flight Blu-ray and DVD Arrive February 5th
Denzel Washington stars as an alcoholic pilot who miraculously saves the lives of his passengers in Robert Zemeckis' drama.
EXCLUSIVE: Kelly Reilly Talks Flight
The actress plays a recovering heroine addict who befriends Denzel Washington's troubled pilot in this drama, in theaters today!
Three Flight Clips Starring Denzel Washington
The Oscar-winning actor stars as a pilot whose daring actions make him a hero in director Robert Zemeckis' drama.
EXCLUSIVE: Screenwriter John Gatins Talks Flight
The sometimes actor reveals how his passion project got off the ground with a little help from Denzel Washington and Robert Zemeckis.
EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Leo Talks Flight
The Oscar-winning actress goes toe-to-toe with Denzel Washington in one of Flight's crucial scenes, in theaters this Friday, November 2nd.
Two Flight Clips with Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle
A pilot's heroic actions come under scrutiny in director Robert Zemeckis' latest drama.
Flight 'Classic Hero Worship' Clip
John Goodman visits Denzel Washington's Whip in the hospital after his heroic emergency landing in this Robert Zemeckis directed drama.
Flight Hi-Res Photo Gallery
Denzel Washington stars in director Robert Zemeckis' true-life drama about a heroic pilot whose drinking is called into question, in theaters this November.
Flight 90-Second TV Spot
Denzel Washington stars in this Robert Zemeckis drama based on the true tale of a heroic pilot whose drinking is called into question.
Flight 'Further Away' and 'Hero' TV Spots
Denzel Washington stars as a heroic pilot whose actions come into question after saving the lives of his passengers.
Three Flight Photos with Denzel Washington
Robert Zemeckis returns to live-action filmmaking with this real-life story of a pilot who saved the crew of a crashing plane.
Robert Zemeckis' Flight Trailer Starring Denzel Washington
The Back to the Future director returns with his first live-action film in over a decade, in theaters this November.
Flight Adds Alex Frost
The actor joins joins Denzel Washington, Don Cheadle, and John Goodman in the indie sci-fi drama.
Flight Lands Tamara Tunie
The Denzel Washington lead film centers on an airline pilot with substance abuse issues.
Melissa Leo and James Badge Dale Join Flight
Melissa Leo will play an FAA investigator while James Badge Dale portrays a dying cancer patient in Robert Zemckis' drama.
John Goodman Takes Flight
The actor will portray Denzel Washington's close friend in Robert Zemeckis' drama about a drug-addicted pilot who almost causes a tragic accident.
Flight Adds Brian Geraghty
The Hurt Locker actor will star alongside Denzel Washington in this thriller about a pilot who saves the lives of his passengers, even though he was on drugs at the time.
Flight Adds Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood
The thriller follows a pilot who saves his plane after a malfunction and is labeled a hero.
Denzel Washington to Star in Flight
Robert Zemeckis is directing this drama about a commercial airline pilot who saves the lives of his passengers and comes under scrutiny for his night before the flight.
Robert Zemeckis Drops Replay for Flight
The director set for the Denzel Washington-starring airplane thriller at Paramount.
Flight Confirms Director Robert Zemeckis
Denzel Washington is nearing a deal to star in this drama about a drug-addicted pilot who saves the lives of his passengers.
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