Forrest Gump Review

“Run, Forrest, Run!”

December 21st, 2008

"Life is like a box of chocolates, You never know what your goanna get"

Thats the line that makes you think how amazing this movie is. Thats the line that made this movie huge, we'll at least thats one of the reasons this is one of thee best movies ever. This is the movie that shows that Tom Hanks is one of the greatest actors to date. Yup, thats right, this movie's got it all. The greatest thing i liked about this movie is that it has that one keyword: Narration. A perfect movie always needs narrations. Here, i'll name a few movies that have a narrator. Here's a good one. "Fight Club". Fight Club has a narrator, Edward Norton, his character name is "The Narrator". The narrating that he uses in the movie is amazing. Heres another one. "The Shawshank Redemption". That movie is narrated by Morgan Freeman's Character, Red. THAT movie is amazing even more because it has narrating. EVERY great movie NEEDS a narrator for it too be amazing. You see, for a movie to be 100 percent amazing, you need a narrator. I like narrators in movies because you get inside the main characters head. You get to see inside the head of the character and get more into the story. THATS why narrators are always good in movies. In this movie, Tom Hanks narrates by telling his story to other bus waiters. Hey, he's still narrating isnt he. As you can see, an AMAZING movie always needs a narrator to make it even more perfect. Narration EQUALS Perfection!


The acting in this movie is perfect. You CAN NOT ask for any better acting than from Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. He plays one of the greatest characters i've ever seen on screen. Tom Hanks does as great as Dustin Hoffment did as Raymond from "Rain Man", Another perfect performance that made that movie amazing. The women who played Jenny in this movie did great as well. She played a women with a struggle in life who doesnt know whether she is in love with her best friend Forrest Gump, or not. Tom Hanks was obviously the best performance in this movie. This is Tom Hanks best performance ever. His second best performance is his character in "The Terminal", a 2004 movie that is also downright amazing. But this is Tom Hanks' best performance. Why? Because he shows that he can do more than play a normal character. Tom goes above and beyond in this movie and its just too amazing to witness. Great job, Tom, Great job indeedd.


The plot in this movie is just great. You get to witness an amazing story from the life of Forrest Gump. In this movie you witness three decades or so from the Forrest Gumps' life and its just amazing. You get to see the great life that he lived and its just great, just just great! I loved how you could see one of the greatest lives ever. Its too bad that this wasnt a true story. Then this movie would be even more famous and great than it already is. Theres another perfect achievement from this amazing movie.

I really dont think movies can get any better than this. They really cant! You've got everything in this movie. You've got drama to make you cry. You've got romance to make you "Awe". They;ve got comedy to make you laugh.

They got action to make you jump.

THIS MOVIE HAS GOT IT ALL. Which is why i want YOU too see this. This is one of thee greatest movies to date. If you already havent seen Forrest Gump, then rent or buy it, i dont care! JUST SEE IT!


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