Frank or Francis


A satire of Hollywood set to music, where a film director feuds with a blogger.

‘Frank or Francis’ Isn't Happening Says Elizabeth Banks

Nicolas Cage, Kevin Kline, Kate Winslet, and Catherine Keener were also set to star, but there is no guarantee that they will still be available when and if this gets off the ground.

Frank or Francis was released in 2013.

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Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener Join ‘Frank or Francis’

Actresses Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener have signed on for Charlie Kaufman's new comedy Frank or Francis.

The story centers around an online war that develops between a successful filmmaker (Steve Carell) and a movie blogger (Jack Black). Nicolas Cage also stars as The Emcee, an actor known for commercial successes such as Fat Dad, and Kevin Kline stars as the director's brother. No details were given regarding Kate Winslet and Catherine Keener's characters.

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Kevin Kline Joins ‘Frank or Francis’

Actor Kevin Kline has joined the cast of Frank or Francis for Sony Pictures and writer-director Charlie Kaufman.

The comedy is a parody of Hollywood musicals which centers around the online war between a successful filmmaker (Steve Carell) and a snarky blogger (Jack Black). Kevin Kline will play Richard Waller, the brother of fictional filmmaker Jonathan Waller, whose movie Hiroshima is the highest-grossing movie of all time.

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