A doctor living in New Orleans re-animates a dead body, which become an uncontrollable monster.

‘Frankenstein’ Remake Gets Director Shawn Levy 20th Century Fox has chosen Real Steel director, Shawn Levy to fast-track a remake of Frankenstein in a race to beat at least a half-dozen other projects based on the classic monster tale.

Max Landis's Frankenstein has been described as a sci-fi spin on the traditional Mary Shelley story, focusing on themes of friendship and redemption.

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NBC Revives ‘Frankenstein’

NBC has ordered a pilot script for a series based on Mary Shelley's infamous horror yarn Frankenstein.

House M.D. executive producers Russel Friend and Garrett Lerner wrote the script, which is a modern day version of the Frankenstein mythos. The duo will likely be wrapping up their duties on House M.D.'s eighth and (presumed) final season, and may move directly into this new venture next.

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Guillermo Del Toro Talks ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ and ‘Frankenstein’

The New Yorker wrote an extensive biographical piece on Guillermo del Toro that includes some interviews with the filmmaker where he discusses his upcoming projects At the Mountains of Madness and Frankenstein.

There is also a description of At the Mountains of Madness, the adaptation of the story by H.P. Lovecraft:The Shoggoths had a racecar sheen. "They are pristine," he said. "They are functional. They are not asymmetric. Symmetry is efficiency. And these guys need to be efficient." He wasn't sure yet if the Shoggoth palette should be "pearlescent" or "circulatory"-reds and blues. Since the Shoggoths could mutate into anything, there was no fixed silhouette, but many would feature a "protoplasmic bowl," an abdomen-like area from which new forms could sprout. One maquette was a disorienting twist on classic Lovecraftian form. It looked like a giant octopus head with tentacles jutting from the top and the bottom-a fearful symmetry. "That's my belly in the middle," Guillermo del Toro joked.

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‘Frankenstein’ Gets a Modern Update from Sony

Sony is looking to erect a modern day take on Mary Shelley's classic monster tale Frankenstein. According to Deadline, Sony ex-co-president-turned-producer Matthew Tolmach will make this his first project since leaving his upper management position earlier this year to focus more on the production side of things.

Craig Fernandez wrote the screenplay, which will move Dr. Frankenstein and his iconic monster into contemporary times. Not much else was released about the proposed story. There are currently two other Frankenstein movies in development at this time, one from Guillermo del Toro and another from novelist Dean R. Koontz.

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