Freaky Deaky (2013)

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    Release Date
    February 26th, 2013
    • Elmore Leonard
    • Charles Matthau
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    Latest 'Freaky Deaky' News

    Freaky Deaky DVD Arrives February 26th

    Billy Burke and Christian Slater star in this Elmore Leonard adaptation about a Detroit cop who gets in hot water for investigating a powerful man.

    Brian Gallagher

    Freaky Deaky Adds Matt Dillon and Brendan Fraser

    Craig Robinson has also joined the cast of this Elmore Leonard adaptation about two bomb-makers who try to extort millions of dollars from a movie producer.

    Brian Gallagher

    William H. Macy Gets Freaky Deaky

    Charles Matthau will direct this adaptation of Elmore Leonard's comedic crime novel about a radical bomb-maker.

    Brian Gallagher