Freddy vs. Jason Review

“And Freddy A Terribly Over Blown Series That Was Ruined From The Start Of Number Two And Continuing On Like Some Dumb Youtube Film Maker Who Finds It Cool To Change The Style And Wit, And Originaltiy Of It So Bad, So When Wes Craven Does Want To Come Bac”

May 9th, 2010

I love a horror film as much as a last person on here, i love blood bath ones with no logical reason, i love well paced and higher tensionary horror films, dawn i love all kinds, just ones that dont mean putting together two good on their own Horror franchise characters.

Also their univeres dont match, Jasons a mass killer who looks like British Primeminster Gordon Brown, And Freddy A Terribly Over Blown series that was ruined from the start of number two and continuing on like some dumb youtube film maker who finds it cool to change the style and wit, and originaltiy of it so bad, so when Wes Craven does want to come back he has to make it a film within a film senario cause they had screwed Freddy Franchise up the arsehole bad.

So hence a so cool to shut the truly moronic weed smoking so called film fans, who i see are on this site.

The story is too blotchy, and dull, also i love grusome loathsome mad cap humour of gore, but here, please!!!!!

Bring something comedic or scary, they bring neither.

Moronic Trash.

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