Friday the 13th Review


July 15th, 2010

I hated this movie so much this was a waste of time. It's also predictable you know what this is already: A bunch of asshole kids go to woods to have sex, smoke weed and then get killed by Jason. Also I was extremely bored. I only liked the kills but i have to admit I jumped when the guy in the begging gets stuck on a bear trap.I also can't believe they made Jenna die. Why?! Trent was a douchebag. Bree was a whore. Chewie and Lawerence are pot-smoking idiots. Chelsea and Nolan weren't even in this movie enough so i don't know there personalities. Also if anyone notice Jenna was dating Trent in this film and Trent has sex with Bree. The blood was mediocre. And the plot was bad and boring.

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