Friday the 13th Review

""Could Have Been Better, But Still Good""

This movie was kind of like like three movies in one.

But there's just one question that I have to ask and that is; what happened with the girl that killed his mother?

Does she come back in the sequel?

I wonder what they have in store for the sequel, I can't wait to find out.

It would be just a little bit wierd if Jason let her get away because that's not what happened in the original series. But it is always great when a horror film is remade, that the story line isn't quite the same but similiar to the original series.

There is quite a few things I liked about this movie, about the story line and what not. This film did have a good plot, I'll admit that. But some the acting was a little bit too much. Like some of the scenes in this movie were just not needed. But then again it's a Friday the 13th movies, so maybe not a bad idea. That kind of something I hope they changed about the Friday movies, and that is the stupid acting. Freddy vs. Jason wasn't too bad for that, it was a great movie actually.

I just really hope they do better for the sequel, put more storyline into it than just having teens at a lake getting terrorized by a killer.

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