From Paris with Love Review

"Nice, Fun, Enjoyable Action Movie!"

I'm a big fan of John Travolta especially when he portrays the role of a bad-ass. He's very good at it and in this specific movie he managed it wonderful again. He is so much fun watching him making all his jokes and the way he curses is just ridiculous, in a good way!!

This movie is a very good action movie filled with many funny moments, jokes and pokes. Of course, it isn't a cinematographic masterpiece but HEY! it's a fun movie to watch.

The storyline isn't that predictable but has it's weaknesses at moments. Many of the action scenes are ridiculously made but they are perfect for this kind of movie. People want some "Pulp Fiction" or "Die Hard" flick or they even try to compare this with "Taken". NO! This doesn't try to be Taken and I'm glad to that.

My review on this is a little bit shorter because for all you fun-action movies... this is one must see. The only lame thing about this movie was the music which pretty much sucked but you forget about the music or the score once you're enjoying it (of course if you do it like i did).

Here's my yea the movie is lame for a nerdie type of dude but besides that it's enjoyable.

Storyline: 7/10.

Acting: 7,5/10.

Art Direction: 6,5/10.

Cinematography: 6,5/10.

Score: 6/10.


Overall: 6,7

  • Story

  • Acting

  • Directing

  • Visuals

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