Frozen Reviews

  • Frozen is an enchanting film that will surely lift spirits for the holiday season.

    Julian Roman — MovieWeb

  • Frozen is a squarely enchanting fairy tale that shows you how the definition of what's fresh in animation can shift.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • Its gleaming dream world of snow and ice is one of the most visually captivating environments to be found in a Disney animated film.

    Stephen Holden — New York Times

  • Despite the frosty title, it's a warm-hearted, rousing and stunning animated saga ideally poised for the holiday season.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • "Frozen" may be a nod to the pleasures of vintage Disney and old fairy tales, but there's nothing outdated about it.

    Stephanie Merry — Washington Post

  • You'll be ... blissfully entertained ...

    Tom Russo — Boston Globe

  • It's no secret that Disney princess films are formulaic, and the fact that Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee's Frozen is entertaining without being groundbreaking just confirms that the formula works.

    Sherilyn Connelly — Village Voice

  • It's a lovely story and mostly well-told.

    Elizabeth Weitzman — New York Daily News

  • If you thought there was only so much to be done with ice and snow as visual fields, think again along the lines of prismatic crystals, epic storms and fantastical structures built on water's gift for freezing itself into see-through art.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • Extravagant care is taken with minutiae, and the directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, whistle through the first twenty minutes of the plot with a controlled giddiness that would leave many live-action adventures staggering in their tracks.

    Anthony Lane — New Yorker

  • The film basically works. It's entertaining, and following an old Disney tradition "Frozen" works some old-school magic in its nonhuman characters.

    Michael Phillips — Chicago Tribune

  • Disney claims this feature-length animation is based on Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, but it feels more like a Hollywood romcom.

    Ben Sachs — Chicago Reader

  • Frozen establishes a strong, confident tone: Cool mythology, rich, vivid animation, and 3-D effects that are actually worth seeing, not just migraine-inducing distractions.

    David Hiltbrand — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Compelling interpretations of classic stories is what built Disney's brand. It's good to see that they're still on the job.

    Colin Covert — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • "Frozen" is a winter wonder of a family film, the sort of movie you hope for during the holiday season. Well, it's here, go see it.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • What's especially encouraging about it is how directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee take a classic tale - Anderson's "The Snow Queen" - and update it, without beating us over the head with references that draw attention to the modernization.

    Bill Goodykoontz — Arizona Republic

  • This always enjoyable tale of mysterious magic, imperiled princesses and square-jawed men of action proves longer on striking visuals than on truly engaging or memorable characters.

    Scott Foundas — Variety

  • "Frozen" is a great big snowy pleasure with an emotionally gripping core, brilliant Broadway-style songs and a crafty plot.

    Kyle Smith — New York Post

  • Make way for a new kind of fairy tale. These Frozen princesses are the kind we can definitely warm to.

    Linda Barnard — Toronto Star

  • The animation is beautiful, the music is catchy and the lyrics are clever.

    Laremy Legel —

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