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Based on a non-fiction book first printed in 1928, this sweeping tale follows the rise of Irish and Italian gangsters in New York, beginning in the Tammany Hall era and moving towards the 20th century. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the son of a murdered gangleader who swears vengeance upon the man who killed his father.

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Gangs of New York Fights Up to Blu-Ray on July 1st
This DiCaprio/Scorcese collaboration is coming to high-def.
SOJU AFTER MOVIE 2: Season Premiere: Live from the K-Hole!
Season 2 "Anywhere but K-Town" kicks off from the Comedy Car Hole. Listen Now as B. Alan Orange and co-host Imperial Mantooth kick the Entertainment World in the Face!
The latest epic from Martin Scorsese...
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Martin Scorsese does it again...
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