Evan is a young man with Down Syndrome who lives with his mother in a poor, working-class town hit hard by the recent economic recession. When he unexpectedly comes into a large amount of money, Evan uses it to romantically pursue Candy, a girl from town who he has loved since high school. Candy, now a barely-employed single mom, is facing financial debt, possible eviction, and the inability to rid herself of Russ, her abusive, volatile, ex-boyfriend. In no position to turn down Evan's offers of financial support, Candy hesitantly accepts his gifts, which causes the pair to enter a complicated emotional entanglement. When Russ catches on to Candy and Evan's odd relationship, all three of them become intertwined in a complex triangle of secrets, jealousy, and revenge. Despite his many hardships and the seeming impossibility of Candy being able to return his love, Evan struggles to remain a resilient, pure embodiment of human compassion.

‘Girlfriend’ Goes to Hannover House

Hannover House has picked up North American rights to the indie drama Girlfriend, about a young man with a major crush on a single mom whom he has coveted since high school, from writer-director Justin Lerner, marking his directorial debut, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The distributor plans to release Girlfriend, which stars Evan Sneider, an actor with Down syndrome, before the end of the year. The supporting cast includes Amanda Plummer, Jackson Rathbone and Shannon Woodward.

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