Give 'em Hell, Malone


Russell Mulcahy has signed on to direct the action film "Give 'em Hell, Malone," starring Thomas Jane as the title character and Ving Rhames as his rival, "Boulder." Malone, tough private eye, takes a job retrieving a case containing a mysterious secret. Bullets, fists, and blood fly as he fights through an army of thugs to protect the secret.

SDCC 2009: Official Saturday Schedule Announced

Comic-Con has announced their full programming lineup for Saturday, July 25. You can check out the full schedule if you CLICK HERE, but below you can take a look at all of the film and TV-related panels and other happenings.

- Is animation growing up, or is a PG-13 rating just an excuse for cartoon writers to use bad words and graphically kill off their characters? Alan Burnett (Green Lantern: First Flight), Matt Wayne (Hellboy: Sword of Storms), Michael Jelenic (Wonder Woman), Charles Horn (Robot Chicken), Paul Dini (Return of the Joker), Greg Johnson (The Ultimate Avengers, Invincible Iron Man, Doctor Strange), and Stan Berkowitz (Justice League: The New Frontier, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies) will answer this as well as other, more serious questions about this new genre (if you don't count 1972's Fritz the Cat). Spoiler alert: Expect these writers to announce lots of exciting new projects. Room 3

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Russell Mulcahy to Direct ‘Give 'Em Hell, Malone’

Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) is set to direct the indie action feature Give 'em Hell, Malone, starring Ving Rhames, Thomas Jane and Elsa Pataky.

According to Variety, the story was penned by Mark Hosack, and centers on a private eye attempting to retrieve a mysterious case.

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