The hilarious true story of comedian Jon Gnarr who ran for mayor of Iceland's largest city. But what starts a joke suddenly becomes serious when people start to believe - against all odds - that he might just be the best man for the job.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Gnarr’ Clip

Focus World is proud to bring you Gnarr, the hilarious true story of a comedian who ran for the mayor of Iceland's largest city. With Iceland falling on hard times, Jón Gnarr decided to invent a new political party, the subtly named "Best Party", and run for office in order to mock the squabbling left and right. With a campaign that included mandatory viewings of HBO's The Wire for all politicians, free towels at public pools, and a "drug-free parliament by 2020," Gnarr soon found himself with unexpected political momentum, and realized that against all odds: He just might win!

Gnarr is available on VOD and iTunes staring today, February 7th. To celebrate this release, we have an exclusive clip. Check it out below.

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