God Bless America Review

“Powerful, Heartbreaking And Difficult To Watch, God Bless America Is A Fantastic Film That Explores The Theme Of Society's Spiral Downfall Into Stupidity. A Truly Overlooked Gem.”

January 3rd, 2013

Our society has become nothing more than a place of cruelty and lies. News reporters blaming on video games and movies because of the massacres and shootouts, Youtube attention whores like Fred, PewDewPie or Rebecca Black getting their own shows or fame just to cash in on the teen popularity of today, the American culture has become nothing more than a pile of cow turd where everyday we are forced to suffer on surviving a very cruel harsh reality while the talentless hacks of the "oh no you didn't!" generation get all the fame and fortune. Then comes God Bless America, a movie that deserves to be seen by everybody so they can realize how goddamn ignorant our society has become. Powerful, heartbreaking and difficult to watch, God Bless America is a fantastic that explores the theme of society's spiral downfall into stupidity.

The story is about a man named Frank. Frank is tired of the whole American culture trash that has been plaguing in America and wants all of it to be gone. Worst is that he gets fired from his job, her wife divorces him cause the wife is a bitch and he will die from a tumor in just a few days. During an attempt to kill himself, Frank decides to go on a journey to take down the meanest, most racist, ignorant and disgusting people that deserves to be punished. A girl named Roxanne understand his motivation and decides to join his quest as well.

The greatest strength that God Bless America has going for it's the characters and the message that the film tries to tell to it's audience. It's about a man who lives a very hard and crucial everyday life, and it all comes down crashing hard on him, where he just had enough of America's ignorance and decides to show the world of the hard sick truth of our society. Even Roxanne is a great character and sure he can be annoying but we also sympathize with her in the whole teen popularity and high props for saying that Diablo Cody is a cheap hack screenwriter that writes the most retarded and confusing dialogue in any of her movies.

The message of the movie is heartbreaking but still very powerful nonetheless. It tackles with all the issues that is destroying our culture like the news media using fear and lies to make money, conservatives that are destroying the education system of our schools, ignorant people who rather bitch first before seeing a movie, the lack of responsibility as parents that are supposed to help their children, the overrated popularity of reality show cash-grabs like Ink Master and The Joe Shamo Show (whatever the fuck that is), news hosts that make incredible offensive statements on blacks and so on. It's a powerful message that was easily overlooked by audiences that complained that this movie is all about killing celebrities, which is not what the movie is about in the first place. If people actually watched the fucking film instead of watching the trailer and just bitched about it in the forums then they could understand the message that director Bobcat Goldthwait was trying to tell to the audiences.

There's also some great written dialogue scenes thank to the awesome script that Bobcat wrote and it delivers one of the best speeches I've seen in cinema history and has it's share of funny moments in the movie like the scene where Roxy and Frank shoot a bunch of hypocritical Babtist protesters claiming that God hates Jews, fags or even homosexuals, then they capture their leader and throws him off the cliff or the scene where Frank is daydreaming on what would he have done to those teenage douchebag couple in one of the best opening sequences of the movie and after watching the fist 2 minutes of the movie, I felt incredibly satisfied. Watching a whiny teenager getting her baby get blown up in her face by Frank because of her abusive parenting has got to be the most satisfying thing ever.

The acting in the movie is fantastic. Joel Murray delivers a very strong firm performance that manages to deliver a sense of hate and depression that the character goes through in the film. Tara Lynne Barr was also fun as Roxy and she is a very awesome character in the film. Come on, how can you not agree on what she is saying in the movie? What she says is basically all true in our teenage youth and how annoying it is.

All in all, you must see this movie. It's an overlooked gem that was hated by a bunch of dumbfucks that didn't even bother watching this movie in the first place and was ignored by everyone. God Bless America is a very important movie that deserves more recognition and It has to be seen by everybody or for that matter, show them other important movies like Bully and Waiting for Superman, 2 beautifully well made documentaries that deal with the issues of bullying in our schools and the failure of the education system that is failing our students to graduate to other and better schools.

It makes me sad that great movies like this get overlooked a lot cause the audiences don't want anything new or original. They just want to see some movie that's hip or cool or popular, nobody cares for deep stories with good messages or great characters, they just want shit. God Bless America is a movie that wants it's society to wake up and learn from their ignorance that has been plaguing them down through all these years.

Just please go see this movie. You wont regret it.


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  • FilmFreak21 • 3 years ago

    Bravo @mr-k bravo! A very well written review. I totally agree with you on this 100%! When I first saw this movie, it's so f*cking true! Reality shows?!? Who gives a flying f*ck? Waste of time and brain cells if you ask me! I betcha Tarantino applauded to this movie! I have! Humanity has lost interest in what's real and instead just sit back and enjoy watching BS on TV and automatically become followers of bullcrap like The Jersey Shore or the Karshians! Good God! Has anyone been to a library lately? People! There are more important things than "16 & Pregnant". I really hate those reality shows where the spoiled little bitchy c*nts whine about making sure they have the best sweet 16 ever and that she didn't get the car she wanted! That totally pisses me off to the core! Logic - 1 Humanity - 0


    • slysnide • 3 years ago

      Excellent review @mr-k. I really love your first paragraph. It sums up my thoughts rather well. America has taken a plunge into the realm of idiocy and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. I mean, when I society decides to try and impeach a president cause of an affair which has no influence/effect on national security, then that nation's intelligence has fallen far below the bar. I wrote an offshoot of this on a forum titled "Why So Serious" under "The Dark Knight" film page. I need to extrapolate on it some more. Great review again.


      • skywise • 3 years ago

        @mr-k I had no idea Bobcat was behind this until a few months back when he was being interviews one some show, dont rember which and they were talking about this film. That guys needs to keep doing this stuff. He is great at it.


        • mr-k • 3 years ago

          @skywise Thanks. It's pisses me off that this movie was overlooked and to be honest, I wish it got nominated for the Oscars.


          • skywise • 3 years ago

            @mr-k I loved this film. I just happend to stumble across it by accident and gave it a shot. It definatly stayed in my head a few days after viewing.


            • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 3 years ago

              A truly over looked review as well as, some great reading you got here...i too adore God Bless America, but sadly only caught it on DVD- straight to DVD releasing over here in the old UK


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