Based on Nicholas Pileggi's book WISEGUY, Martin Scorsese?s GOODFELLAS is a wry, violent, and exhilarating film about the life of Henry Hill, an aspiring criminal who ends up in the FBI?s witness protection program after testifying against his former partners. As a poor Irish-Italian growing up in 1950s New York City, Hill rises through the ranks of his Brooklyn neighborhood's organized crime branch, and with money from the mob he begins living the good life, complete with a beautiful bride, Karen (Lorraine Brocco), a fancy home, and the best seats at the most exclusive restaurants. A botched robbery lands Henry in prison for a brief period of time, and when he gets released, his reckless infidelities and drug abuse damage his associations with his adopted family.

‘Goodfellas’ TV Series in Development at AMC

AMC has boarded a new TV adaptation of Goodfellas, which we first reported on in September 2010.

Nicholas Pileggi, who adapted his own book entitled Wiseguy into the Goodfellas screenplay, is co-writing the pilot script with Jorge Zamacona. Irwin Winkler, who produced Goodfellas, will executive produce alongside his son David Winkler.

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Martin Scorsese on Board for ‘Goodfellas’ TV Prequel

We first reported on this TV project last month, when it was said that Nicholas Pileggi would write the pilot episode. Nicholas Pileggi first wrote the book Wiseguy on the life of gangster Henry Hill before adapting the book with Martin Scorsese into the now-classic movie Goodfellas.

Goodfellas was released October 19th, 1990.

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A ‘Goodfellas’ TV Show in the Works?

Deadline is reporting that a TV series version of director Martin Scorsese's 1990 mob classic Goodfellas, written by written by Nicholas Pileggi is in the works.

Nicholas Pileggi is likely to write at least the pilot episode. Warner Bros. TV is interested in the series, although several studios want it.

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‘GoodFellas’ on Blu-ray Disc January 16

Warner Bros. is showing a strong start to the First Quarter of 2007.

Poseidon makes its HD DVD debut with In-Movie Experience (IME), the interactive feature allowing viewers to enjoy new ways of accessing interviews and other material - Josh Lucas leads you through the trials of creating visual effects, special effects and action on an upside-down water-filled set.

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Martin Scorsese does tons of commentary for 5 upcoming discs!

- Paper is Cheaper than Film: A glimpse into Martin Scorsese’s creative process including rarely seen sketches and more.

STREET DATE: August 17

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‘Goodfellas’ Special Edition comes to DVD August 17th!

Goodfellas:DVD Answers have up the first details about the forthcoming Goodfellas special edition DVD...This brand new release will be available to own from the 17th August, and should retail at around $26.99. As well as an anamorphic widescreen presentation and English Dolby Digital 5.1 track, the disc will include an audio commentary with director Martin Scorsese and Cast/Crew, a second commentary with Ex-Gangster Henry Hill & Ex-FBI Agent Edward McDonald and four new cast and crew documentaries. Also available from the 17th August will be the Martin Scorsese films After Hours, Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More, Mean Streets, and Who's That Knocking At My Door? Each of these will feature a Scorcese commentary plus a making of featurette and trailer. Retail for each of these will be $19.97. Finally, you will be able to own the Scorsese Collection Giftset for $59.92 which includes all of the above.

Goodfellas was released October 19th, 1990.

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