Green Lantern


In a universe as vast as it is mysterious, a small but powerful force has existed for centuries. Protectors of peace and justice, they are called the Green Lantern Corps. A brotherhood of warriors sworn to keep intergalactic order, each Green Lantern wears a ring that grants him superpowers. But when a new enemy called Parallax threatens to destroy the balance of power in the Universe, their fate and the fate of Earth lie in the hands of their newest recruit, the first human ever selected: Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). Hal is a gifted and cocky test pilot, but the Green Lanterns have little respect for humans, who have never harnessed the infinite powers of the ring before. But Hal is clearly the missing piece to the puzzle, and along with his determination and willpower, he has one thing no member of the Corps has ever had: humanity. With the encouragement of fellow pilot and childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris (Blake Lively), if Hal can quickly master his new powers and find the courage to overcome his fears, he may prove to be not only the key to defeating Parallax...he will become the greatest Green Lantern of all.

‘Green Lantern 2’ Could Still Happen Says Geoff Johns

Despite the hype leading up to its release this summer, Green Lantern disappeared from the public consciousness quiet quickly. It wasn't necessarily a bomb, making $219 million globally, but it wasn't the hit that Warner Bros. expected, and since it came and went, not much has been said about a sequel.

The Green Lantern Blu-ray and Green Lantern DVD were released this past Friday, just in time for NYCC 2011. It was there that DC Entertainment's Creative Chief Geoff Johns revealed that a sequel could still happen, and that he remains hopeful that it will get made sometime in the neat future.

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‘Green Lantern’ Blu-ray and DVD Debuts October 14th

In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight... take the oath to serve and protect when Green Lantern flies onto Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital Download on October 14th from Warner Home Entertainment Group. Starring Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal) in the title role, DC Comics' legendary super hero soars to the edges of space, where a war has been raging between those who rule with fear, and those who protect life: the Green Lantern Corps.

Warner Bros. is proud to be the first studio to announce titles available with UltraViolet Digital Copy. Ultraviolet Digital Copy allows consumers to instantly stream their movies from a digital cloud to computers, tablets and smartphones. All DVD and Blu-ray discs of Green Lantern will include a bonus Ultraviolet Digital Copy, which will give consumers easy access to the movie anytime, anywhere.

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‘Green Lantern 2’ to Be Dark, Edgy, and Action Packed!

When weighing its budget against its box office take this past June, its clear that Green Lantern was a flop. But that isn't stopping Warner Bros. from talking about a sequel. President of the studio's film group Jeffrey Robinov considers Green Lantern's opening weekend "decent" and feels that there is an audience for the material, so a sequel, which was always planned, is imminent.

Jeffrey Robinov believes that the problem with Green Lantern's first foray onto the big screen was in its execution, not its concept. And quite frankly, they're placing all of that blame squarely on the shoulders of 70 year old director Martin Campbell, who won't likely return for second helpings even though he is contracted to do so.

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‘Green Lantern 2’ in the Works

Despite a less than stellar performance at the box office, Warner Bros. is planning a sequel to Ryan Reynolds' superhero pic Green Lantern.

Warner Bros. still believes in the franchise, even if the studio is "somewhat disappointed" with Green Lantern's result.

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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Green Lantern’ Earns $52.6 Million

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BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will ‘Green Lantern’ Light Up the Weekend Charts?

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‘Green Lantern’ Earns $3.35 Million at Midnight Screenings

Green Lantern's light was put on display in 1,810 theaters at midnight last night, which took in a healthy $3.35 million.

The Warner Bros. superhero adventure is slightly above par compared to other superhero midnight openings this summer. Thor took in $3.2 million from 1,800 theaters and X-Men: First Class earned $3.3 million from 1,783 theaters.

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Two More ‘Green Lantern’ TV Spots

Warner Bros. has debuted two more TV spots from Green Lantern, which arrives in theaters across the country tomorrow, June 17. Click on the video players below to get your daily Green Lantern fix before heading to the multiplexes tomorrow.

Green Lantern was released June 17th, 2011.

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