Green Lantern Review

“A Fun Super Hero Action Movie.”

June 20th, 2011

This is not the same Hal Jordan from the comic book. He is not fearless from the get-go; he is someone able to overcome fear which didn't really bother me. A person with no fear must be crazy or stupid. The movie starts out with a lot of narration in order to explain what is going on. Luckily they introduce the emotional spectrum in this movie explaining that Green is Willpower & Yellow is fear. They also introduce Parallax. They set up all the groundwork necessary for sequels which it really needs. There is no way to convey the epic nature of Green Lanterns as a concept in just one movie.

Usually Green Lantern isn't thought of as cool but you can see how powerful lanterns can be when they are training & the Lanterns quickly create one thing after another with their rings during their fight. When I saw the poster I was afraid that it would be a terrible cgi film but I was very impressed with the effects. Sinestro, Abin Sur & all the other lanterns looked very realistic. The only problem with the movie was when green lantern first saved people, there should have been a lot more deaths & injuries in that scene. But I did like the way he rescued everyone with the construct he used. I would have preferred more constructs as he destroyed Parallax but I can understand that he is just starting out using the ring so he didn't really let his imagination run wild.

Ryan Reynolds was great; he was able to go from immature to serious with ease. His Hal Jordan reacted like I think most of us would "Hey this is so cool!" until we get to the planet & realize that being a Space Cop is serious business & not to be taken lightly. Blake Lively was awesome & so was Mark Strong as Sinestro. He really made Sinestro into a well-intentioned person & not a two-dimensional bad guy. I really hope they make sequels so we can see Green Lantern, Sinestro & Star Sapphire fighting each other with their rings.


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  • BabyMonchy • 5 years ago

    mmmmm.... but charley didnt did a great job with the manuscripts and bob think the futball is a bad sport!!!


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