Green Lantern Review

“This Movie Is Dissapointing.”

June 19th, 2011

I am reviewing this movie called Green Lantern. The story is that this guy named Hal Jordan which i guess has daddy issues, gets a ring from a dying alien and that ring gives him the power of will i guess. And has to defeat this cloud of evil named Paralax. So the story is SOO ridiculous and I didnt like it AT ALL.

The acting in this movie is so one note. All the actors in this movie just did a horrible job at there role. Expectially Tim Robbins, which I usually like, did a horrible job in this movie. He was in it for like 15 minutes of the movie, i swear. The only person i liked in this movie was Blake Lively because she was just hot in this movie. OMG! She was hot!!! I dont mean to offend any women who might read this review by that statement. So yeah, the acting is horrible.

The directing is not horrible. Martin Campbell does know how to direct action movies. So you would expect good action. And the action was not bad. But he doesnt know what emotion he wants to set for this movie. At some points its a light-hearted action movie and then its a so-called comedy and then a so-called drama. The emotion is just everywhere in this movie. So the directing is not horrible.

Now I have to over what I liked about this movie. I liked the planet Oaa or whatever its called, too bad it was like in the movie for like 20 minutes. I also liked some of the action scene, escspecially the one in the lab. You know the scene im talking about to the people who saw it. And Blake Lively. Plus the visuals. So yeah. Not that much i liked about the movie.

What I didnt like about the movie is the so-called 3D, the script, Paralax which i guess is supossed to be menacing, the length of the movie and the fact that the person who played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars is in this movie and still has a career!!!

This movie is highly dissapointing, its a rental at best. So i give it 1.5/5 stars. Bye.


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  • moviegeek • 5 years ago

    @ejk1 I wanna know what an "action buster" is ;)


    • ejk1 • 5 years ago

      @roam798 I wouldn't call this a terrible review, and if you think GL is an "EPIC WIN," then perhaps you don't know what you're talking about either.


      • roam798 • 5 years ago

        Terrible review, you have zero Idea at what your even talking about. "daddy issues" .... he didn't have an "issue" If you know anything about Hal Jordan then you would know that he is kinda a joker, wise ass with no fear. So its not far fetch to see the movie kinda move around a bit. This is by far an EPIC WIN, but its not an EPIC lose either, it's a good action buster and popcorn flick and even Blu Ray owning worthy.


        • thedarkknight12 • 5 years ago

          @dan@ejk1 i just noticed that.


          • dan1 • 5 years ago

            @ejk1 Lol. Bruce only whines about his daddy and mommy issues the whole time, but nah, no hypocrisy here :P


            • ejk1 • 5 years ago

              I think it's funny that you criticize Hal Jordan's "daddy issues," but call yourself thedarkknight. Is the irony not lost on anyone else?


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