Green Lantern Review

“The Ring Intended To Rule Them All! Sadly, It Did Not Have Enough Will Power!”

June 26th, 2011

This was comic books next in line for Superman and Batman, the highly awaited main event to at least put more muscle in DC's line-up of superstars and yet every star collapses leaving an empty vacuum of darkness...sadly it wasn't its time!

I told myself and kept on repeating: this is a movie, not a comic book; this is a movie not a comic book and tried so hard to embrace the film's own point of view. Let alone to even grasp on what they did to the film since it was blown way out of proportion, the cannon, the history and the characters.

The prologue for me was epic until I heard him say things that were not in line and expected.

People will have to; need to understand that there will be different ways and means to present something to the market. I took it upon myself that this is only part of the process where you try to inculcate something and let it blow in the wind. Frankly, I did admire their efforts on making this film to make it the best thing that they can especially with the CGI and Green screen era, it has helped give more levity to magnificent backgrounds while inputting digital imagery to flow with its intended environment.

I did even remember a few other films that made headway or not with regards to available technology in their respective time Spawn is a good example another is Batman of Tim Burton and of course Richard Donner's Superman.


From the time it was announced, following news and casting for the film was a riot! This film was really expected to be great. For the fact that Ryan Gosling was being courted to be their Hal Jordan and from the likes of Justin Timberlake and rising star Bradley Cooper as runner-ups for the contested title.

With all the energy built into one goal, to make this film stand out, rock and light more films from DC to come!

Director Martin Campbell is highly regarded and I loved his work in Casino Royale but I believe he does not know anything about comic books! Even the action sequences were abysmal, the training in Oa, the people running and screaming, the helicopter crash party to name a few.

For the music and soundtrack it still holds its own. I can listen to the space saga infused collaborations that fit perfectly to the sequences of the film.

The cast was not even to blame Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Mark Strong and the rest meant well and did their parts to make things work, to be honest I even find Peter Sarsgaard's portrayal as a villain to be innately creepy, it was good but did not have that charisma to make it linger more as a character.

Although, the love dynamic between the two main protagonists were inert, stressful and without any consideration, we can still call it a relationship even if it was flawed.

The bitter performances are Tim Robbins and Angela Basett, it was terrible, short and inadequate! Especially for the latter who plays Dr. Amanda Waller who is a pivotal character in the DC Universe.

When you read this review is looks like a reprimand on a losing team which breaks my heart in spite of all that was done, it was a huge disappointment and we do hope that there will be a little more light of will power to shine for a next Green Lantern!


The fear that will need to die is how they indoctrinated the Green Lantern Corps and yes, many did lost their lives for the common goal and that is to protect the universe from all evil... but what are they all doing in Oa most of the time?

Out of those 3600 Lanterns who seem always in the planet don't they have patrol duty or something?!?! Not just raising their arms, a gung-ho here and there being led by Sinestro as their Corp Commander!

I was even ecstatic to know that Mark Strong will play the role of the villain, he is one guy who can do this over a million times and that's how much I respect the guy.

To the main character, I believe he did his part but to make a side note, Ryan is technically a comedian he only did Amityville Horror and Buried as another way to expand his horizons. But to point out clearly, come on! He's always jumpy, yes I too laughed of his antics and that's what he brought to the screen but speaking of Hal Jordan as who he is...he will be better off with another person to handle the ring.

The CGI charade had eaten up all the possible story telling of the film. There were only a few moments that Green Lanterns were shown or used specifically Kilowag voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan and to Geoffrey Rush to give life to Tomar-Re. Even other reputable Lanterns were just screen shots.

All these things culminate and thus instil fear to the tent pole character the Cinematography of Dion Beebe (Chicago, Memoirs of a Geisha) and the Film Editing of Stuart Baird (Casino Royale, Superman). You're kidding right? Both these men help made films that were phenomenal, how on Earth or space for that matter did this film turn out this way?

To Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Michael Goldenburg and Michael Green all did the Screenplay and the Story itself. This montage was actually, literally built on bits and pieces that just needed to be welded up to make the whole picture, it became lame and without focus. From jumping into scenes that were all just mixed up!

It's about how the story and pacing went it was so bombarded by Special Effects and there was no room to let the actors shine or even redeem themselves.


One thing that should be questioned here is the involvement of a Guardian to be Parallax! That turned into a space spanning demonic squid that can even be compared to Hellboy's Ogdru Jahad and Fantastic Four's massive clod...I mean cloud Galactus!

Of course anyone would say that it's how the story should go... fine but it only proves shallow disposition on how a certain entity that made this universe tremble with fear has to be one of Oa's Guardians!

Another factor was, why did the Guardians had the power to forge a Yellow Ring? Ok it was given to Sinestro, but the story dictates it was the Weaponers of Qward who found the Yellow Energy in the anti-matter universe, forged the rings and helped Sinestro build his own Corps. You did not just kill the movie but the possibility of a very good sequel or sequels!

Speaking of which, why can they just have the origins and have the Manhunters serve as villains? Then follow through with Sinestro Corps and then the Blackest Night Saga? Just my two cents.

To Geoff Johns, are you happy? because you don't deserve it! You let this film crumble down like the inhabitants of Sector 666, you of all mentors of this project has lot of explaining to do especially to the fans who at least were trying to see a film that involves the trustworthiness of a comic book for a long period of time.


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