Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

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    • Animation
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    • Gris Grimly
    • Adam Parrish King
    • Carlo Collodi
    • Gris Grimly
    • Matthew Robbins
    • Guillermo del Toro

    Latest 'Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio' News

    Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio Concept Art with Manglafoco and Pinocchio

    The villainous Manglafoco is seen throwing Geppetto's wooden puppet into the sea in this latest look at the 3D stop-motion project.

    Brian Gallagher

    Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio to Be Directed by Guillermo Del Toro

    The producer and co-writer moves into the director's chair on this 3D stop-motion animated fairytale.

    B. Alan Orange

    Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio Concept Photos!

    Guillermo Del Toro teams up with The Jim Henson Company and Pathe to create a new 3D stop-motion adaptation of the classic fairytale.

    B. Alan Orange