Habermann Reviews

  • (Habermann movie review at New York Times)

    New York Times

  • As directed by the Czech veteran Juraj Herz in prestige-television style, the bulk of the film is a classically proportioned and tasteful wartime soap opera.

    Mike Hale — New York Times

  • A World War II melodrama with a hook, Habermann does a credible job of personalizing a period of the war largely unknown outside the Czech Republic.

    Mark Holcomb — Village Voice

  • More soap opera than high drama, the film is confused and confusing, and tedious to boot.

    John Anderson — Variety

  • Compensates for its under-occupation familiarity with poignant performances, confident direction and an impressively sober sense of how the era's tragedy kept expanding exponentially.

    Nick Schager — Time Out

  • A portrait of a town that never feels completely real, devoid of normality or everyday activity, a depiction which undercuts the eventual emotional escalation.

    Jesse Cataldo — Slant Magazine

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