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“As Meteorically Funny Hall Pass Is , Parts Get Taken To An Extreme And Can Be A Turnoff For Newcomers. Owen Wilson Is Hilarious Jason Sudeikis Is Funny Equally But Not Qualified Overall Farrley Brothers Bring Us A Funny , Decent , Not "so" Special Comedy”

March 5th, 2011

The Farrley Brothers are back and this time its not really in there ball park of usual films. Hall Pass is the latest installment in there history of directing the comedy genre and well its a hit and miss for me. As funny Hall Pass may seem as your watching it , at the same time you have to take a min and get over the gag you just witnessed but most of the gags are fun and enjoyable and some are just plain gross , but the film is daring i will give it that. Some scenes are laugh out loud and others and then for parts at a time for maybe 10mins there is no laughter i found myself sitting in the theater not laughing. The movie "Hall Pass" is not for everyone , but major audiences will probably flock out of the good word of mouth this film is gonna have , now i am recommending this film for most people , but not to much , the satire of the films plot is too cliche for me to even enjoy it more then i did and to many predictable moments happen all at once where you feel your getting cheated out of your money , and the stars are not as talented as they should be , Owen Wilson was pretty much the star power to get you to see the film , but when you see it , its really more of Jason Sudakis really , and he is in no way ready to carry a huge comedic role such as this one , he should stick to what he does Supporting Roles and Saturday Night Live , i mean do not get me wrong Sudakis has his moments where you questioned if he was the right choice or not , but i should let the audience possibly find out for themselves.

Rick (Wilson) is happily married to the women of his dream Maggie (Jenna Fischer) and has beautiful kids , he also has a best friend Fred who is also happily married to Grace (Christina Applegate) more or less Happy i should suppose. After weired behavior at home , and the constant need to having to have sex , The wives begin to notice that and believe they should step in and intervene. So in order to do that the wives each grant Rick & Fred a "Hall Pass" which simply states "One Week = No Marriage" you are free to do whatever you want. So this sends Rick and Fred on a frenzy for some good old fashion babes , But once they get into the game they quickly realize its not as it seems , failing to impress any girl they are beginning to revert to eating @ Olive Gardens , applebees its sad really ,. but they figure the need this in order to be able to have a nice healthy marriage. They begin to realize more and more into the week , that they need there wives and well after eating Hash Brownies or raiding a club , or getting drunk like a lunatic at a bar , and using the dumbest and yet potentially funny pick - up lines. But as the guys are also granted a hall pass its the wives also who feel they have one to and they decide to take that to there advantage also can you handle a Hall Pass? i mean did not think so!.

The story here i am not really a huge fanboy about it , i mean sure two guys getting a week of from marriage to do whatever they want its nice and all but a movie i have no idea , because nothing really ever amount to anything , other then a few knock-off chuckles here and there , its not the story thats funny its the premise the whole film revolves around that helps ya make it through it. Acting was top-key or anything but is somewhat better then expected then most films out today Owen Wilson was a pleasant surprise for me actually and I suppose even tho its not accurate Sudaiks does steal some nice one-liners and punch lines that really make him stand out and noticeable Supporting Work from Richard Jenkins as the smart and talented friend and the wives of the two Sex-hungry man. Directing this is the most recent farrley brothers movie to date and in the trailer it advertises from the directors of "Mary" and "Dumb and Dumber" which are there two best films do not be sold on that premise its not as good or funny as the two , see it for your own gain not because some commercial said to but its way better than Heatbreak Kid ! which was just an awful film , Visuals are nothing spectacular so i'm not gonna go into extensive detail on those cause really not much to explain.

Overall: As Meteorically funny Hall Pass is , parts get taken to an extreme and can be a turnoff for newcomers. Owen Wilson is hilarious Jason Sudeikis is funny equally but not qualified overall Farrley Brothers bring us a funny , decent , not "so" special comedy. And pretty much that sums it up. The leads are good not great , the story is well ok mild fun , your not gonna get your fun out of the story rather than the strong yet modest "ok" performance for your 2nd string leads here , most of this film is lame cheap gags that never go anywhere then there are some where you need to breath and gag a little because in its nature it really is disgusting and revolting to watch but on for a few brief moments does this happen but when you see it you will know it!. This is no way the Brothers best , but its not the worst either i mean i will give them some credit , i mean if you think it about it there are some original pieces in this film that maybe they improved , but who knows , all i know it that i did like Hall Pass for what it was trying to accomplish and i can vouge that yes i like the film and im going to highly suggest that maybe and just maybe you should maybe go and get your Hall Pass! , because with the lame floppy movies out right now this probably the one comedy you may or may not get your moneys worth?.





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