Hall Pass Review

“Why Would These Two Guy Want A Week Away Form Two Super Hot Wives”

July 22nd, 2011

Hall Pass so hall pass is about two guys that want to sleep with every hot girl they see so the wives get sick of that and give them a Hall Pass with gives the men 7 days off from marriage.

So when I saw that the Farrelly brothers were making this movie I was really looking forward because I love all the movies they make so I just saw this movie on BLU ray and I loved it it was super funny. Not only was it funny i got to see some hot women too like Jenna Fischer A.K.A Pam from from the Office and Christina Applegate, and the girl that Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis get their coffee from. So the story was great it was really funny but some parts of the story was stupid like the part of the movie when they are in the club somtimes in that part I would laugh but not much but once they get out of the club it got alot better. The acting all around is gerat and Jason Sudeikis steals the f*cking show in this movie I really dont like that he is under uses on SNL and he should be in more movies. The direction is good, yeah thats all I need to say about that. The visuals are great and by visuals I mean the hot ladies.

So overall I loved this movie and yeah 4.5/5.0 stars for Hall Pass it is one of the years funniest movies but not better then the Hangover 2 but still great.

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