Halloween II Review

“Not Impressed”

June 25th, 2011

Just the fact that Halloween films are still being produced makes me happy by itself. That being said, Rob Zombie hacked this one up pretty good. When the Halloween 2007 remake was being produced I liked the idea of seeing a more brutal Michael Myers. I was intrigued that the movie was going to touch on what made Michael the way he is, and what brought him to this point. Rob Zombie has to keep in mind that one of the main reasons Michael Myers has become such a cult phenomenon in an industry that is flooded with copy-cats and look-a-likes trying to be the next big horror franchise, is because of his mystery. It is what we dont know about him. It is questioning what is behind that emotionless white mask we have all grown to love. The answer is, whatever we want. Anything and everything. There is evil behind that mask. Blank expression with, "The blackest eyes. The Devil's eyes." When you show us too much of it, we cant replace the persona with whatever we envision individually. We have to replace it with what you've shown. A dirty hillbilly with a huge beard. I get the fact that Michael Myers probably does not own a Gillette Mach 3 and a jacuzzi, but we dont care about that. Just because I have wondered what Michael Myers does the rest of the year, does not mean that I want you to show it to me. I will say that I do like a more brutal Michael Myers. Many people have said that was not necessary as well, but Im okay with it. In Halloween 2, I see Sherri Moon Zombie in Michael's visions with a white horse. Do what now? Just because you CAN put your wife and all of your friends on the payroll, does not mean you HAVE to. Fans love these movies, and you owe it to them not to screw it up. Whether you think you do or not. Because you are lucky enough to take this storied franchise and make it your own vision, means you have to tread extremely lightly. Past, present, and future considered. I was sick listening to Zombie on the DVD commentary about how they didnt get this shot the way he wanted it, or that they didnt have enough money to do this or that. "Whatever." That was his response more than once. Not whatever Rob. In a case like that, you just don't do it. Period. If you screw this up, someone else cannot make Halloween 2 again. Or Halloween 1 for that matter. I am just so happy that, (A) another Halloween movie is being made (B) There is a chance to change the story a little, because if you recall Michael Myers was not in the original Halloween 3, and (C) Rob Zombie will be nowhere near it. The Weinstein Company has taken their time to be sure the money was right, and the new director Patrick Lussier was ready to go. 3D or no 3D, I can't imagine this new Halloween movie being anything less than thoroughly entertaining, and perhaps the real rebirth of the franchise.

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