Halloween II Review

“Love Hurts.”

November 13th, 2012

Despite most people's opinion, I am a huge fan of Rob Zombie's vision of Halloween. And while I do like this sequel quite a bit, it has it's flaws. It introduces a new Michael, which I like, but should have been introduced or at least foreshadowed in Zombie's first Halloween. Because it seems sudden, and odd. This new Michael sees his mom, as a ghost, dressed in white with a white horse. This is symbolism for something, but honestly what it symbolizes is a question to me. While I like the idea of Michael seeing his passed mother, and the ghost/dream like sequences, it all seems a bit random and doesn't fit with the first film. I know the first time I saw this movie, I did not like it as much as the second and third viewing. But if you accept the flaws, then you are in for a real treat with Rob Zombie's Halloween II.

This sequel picks up right where the first film left off, and then continues on to two years later. The duration of the film builds Laurie's character and her new personality, while showing Michael on the move to Haddonfield. She is now an angry, and damaged person, in therapy and on a lot of prescription drugs. So this is definitely not a remake of the original Halloween II. Michael is on the way back to Haddonfield, to come after Laurie yet again. Michael is almost like a hobo, with a big bushy beard, and a torn up, and dirty old jacket. You definitely see Michael's face, while it is covered by a massive amount of facial hair, and a hood, you still get a look at the guy. Like I said, there is a sudden change in Michael's character here and even presentation of the character, which takes some getting use to, unfortunately.

Rob Zombie still keeps the nature of his general filmmaking. Lot of violence, but yet it's emotional violence, that will somewhat disturb you. You really feel for Laurie's character, and Scout Taylor-Comption plays a very realistic idea of someone tortured the way she was in the first film. But Zombie did take the film in a whole new direction, and that is why I feel this movie did not do as well as the first.

Dr. Loomis' character got even worse in this installment. He is now a total *sshole, which makes no sense at all. He is a money-hungry, selfish author now. I actually disliked his character more than before, and is completley inaccurate to the original Loomis character. Danielle Harris returns as Annie, and plays her part very well. She too, survived the events as the first, and managed to keep a little better head on her shoulder than Laurie has. She can keep her sh*t together, and tries very hard to be nice to Laurie, even though she is hard to get along with.

Again, visually the film is great. Even better gore effects, and makeup. While the scenery and set designs are convincing as well as interesting. The coloring used is very interesting, and also effective, along with some great sound editing and sound effects.

The film's conclusion is surprisingly emotional, and also leaves an odd feeling with you when the credits roll. There is some mystery surrounding the ending, but not quite what I would call a cliffhanger. I am however highly anticipating a Halloween III, even though sadly Rob Zombie said he never would do it or any other future sequels. I can understand the hate for this film, but mostly I just think it is misunderstood, even possibly by myself. Zombie should have expanded a little more on this one. But I still highly enjoy it.

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