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    Latest 'Halo' News

    Halo Digital Feature Moves Forward with Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Directing

    Halo Digital Feature Moves Forward with Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Directing

    Ridley Scott is producing the project with Paul Scheuring writing the script. The project is expected to release by the end of the year.

    Harout Harmanian

    Is Ridley Scott Producing the Halo Movie?

    Is Ridley Scott Producing the Halo Movie?

    Prison Break Paul Scheuring will pen the screenplay. The project will be a live-action feature length digital, which could mean its being set up as a web series.

    Harout Harmanian

    Halo Live Action Web Series to Arrive with Halo 4 Game This Fall

    Forward Unto Dawn is set to run exclusively on Machinima, and could possibly lead to a feature film.

    B. Alan Orange

    Halo Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

    Machinima.com is behind the new Operation Chastity project, a live-action fan-created movie set within the popular video game franchise.

    Brian Gallagher

    Halo Photos Mysteriously Tease New Movie

    Machinima.com, the site behind the Mortal Kombat: Legacy webseries, are making a Halo movie, but what will it be?

    B. Alan Orange

    Halo Heading to DreamWorks?

    This new project will be based off the novelizations of the widely-successful video game.

    Brian Gallagher

    Halo Movie Could Still Happen

    A TV series is also a possibility for the popular Microsoft video game.

    Brian Gallagher

    Frank O'Connor Says That a Halo Movie Will Happen

    "We're going to make a movie when the time is right," he stated.

    Evan Jacobs

    Microsoft Says the Halo Movie Is on Hold

    The company says they are focusing on other Halo related projects.

    Evan Jacobs

    New Halo: The Fall of Reach Concept Art

    Some new details also surface about a new version being shopped around.

    Brian Gallagher

    Halo Movie Stops Production

    The film based on the popular video game.

    Halo Is Back on at Fox

    The video game adaptation gets a new lease on life.

    B. Alan Orange

    Peter Jackson Announces Halo Movie Has Stopped

    No word on a pick-up date.

    Microsoft Looking for New Partner to Develop Halo

    Universal and Fox have backed out of a deal to bring the video game to the big screen.

    Fox and Universal Pull Out Of Halo

    The video game adaptation loses its distribution studios.

    Peter Jackson To Design New Halo Video Game

    Begins partnership with Microsoft Xbox.

    Neill Blomkamp To Direct Halo

    The Xbox video game movie gets a helmer.