Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 Review

“This Final Installment Of HP Has Its Intense And Epic Moments..But Can Never Really Deliver A Grand Finale. I Felt It Was Hyped Up Way To Much. But Still You Can't Go Wrong Its A Decent And Satisfying Farewell To Our Heroine Harry Potter You Can't Miss It”

July 15th, 2011

Well the end is here everyone and I'm sure people as myself can not believe that yes Harry Potter is over. But i must say for what was supposed to be the epic conclusion and great final act .. it was .. but then it wasn't i'm sad to say. Its good do not get me wrong. But it could have been so much better. The final moments leading up to the final moments were intense then it ends so quickly. That the movie felt like it was moving at such a fast pace. This is the shortest Potter of the series. I think it just ran under 2hrs which was shocking. But that also helped cause i was at a midnight screening and almost feel asleep but then again i was in an IMAX theater that had the loudest speakers i had ever heard. But when it comes down to it. The Fans will adore this final chapter. I did just not as much i felt there was not enough there for me to love the movie. I mean Obviously you have to see it. The final installment in one of the biggest franchises of all time and if your like i am and grew up with Harry Potter then indeed you have to see our fateful pal through to the films intense and Ok Final Climax. The thing that really needs to be touched on here. Was the need to convert to 3D the 3D was good in my case because i saw it in IMAX 3D so it kind of makes it so much better. But i would have been fine seeing it in 2D. So don't feel that need to pay the extra up-charge cause in the end it does not matter.

The film picks up with a quick re-cap of part 1 where Voldemort receives the Elder Wand. Then it picks up on the beach where Harry , Ron & Hermonie are burying Dobby who lost his life in Part 1. They seek out a Warlock to help get into a Bank and find one of the last 3 remaining Horcruxes. Cause that is all that is standing in the way of Harry defeating Voldemort. But now it seems impossible because Mort is slowly getting inside Harry's head and he knows what he is doing. Now that he has the elder wand (the most powerful wand in the world) he know aims to stop at nothing to kill Harry Potter. Then he launches an attack army on Hogwarts. Now its all over the final the Trio returns to Hogwarts to destroy the last Horcruxes and make there final stand against Voldemort and his army. Whats gonna happen the conclusion that everyone is waiting for finally the showdown 10 years in the making.

The Story: Is great i mean the way Harry has grown with him and his friends Ron and Hermonie. they have come so far and how we the audiences has grown with them. But yes the story is good as far as this movie is concerned. There were parts from the book this movie hit directly. But then there were some parts that did not (the final showdowns locations was changed). Which i ok its just some fans may be disappointed and then some are going to just love it. I'm a huge fan and i have read the books and i'm in between. But for those who just watch the movies then well this should answer alot of your un-answered questions. The Acting: I feel Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have come so far in there careers from when they were so young doing the first film. But the acting here is one of the films best traits. I mean considering what the film is?. It has to be best of the best. Ralph Fiennes does a good job at playing the power-hungry wizard and leader of the death-eaters Voldemort. Directing was the same as the previous i mean David Yates has helmed the last 3 Harry Potter's i believe and Part 2 is in standards is way more entertaining and better than Part 1. But then again everyone knows that. I have not seen Part 1 since November when i saw it in theaters. Visuals were the films best quality as they as always are the special effects have really outdone themselves here i must say the 3D was breathtaking and the IMAX experience was even better. If your gonna see this movie see it for the visuals.

Overall: This Final Installment of HP has its intense and epic moments..But can never really deliver a grand finale. I felt it was hyped up way to much. But still you can't go wrong its a decent and satisfying farewell to our heroine Harry Potter you can't miss it. Now most critics are praising this film. And yes i'm praising it. But i'm not in love with this film. With the final act and part 2 you need to go all out.. Its all or nothing in this films case. But instead we get a wimpy grand finale. But it will please most potter fans it just did not for me. But i'm with the films closing credits people feel a part of them is not with them anymore. But Harry will never die he will always live on forever. The last 10mins of this movie plays in exact sync "basically" with the ending of the book. Now i'm not gonna spoil it because i'm sure there are some of you on here that have not read the book. But for those of you have. There is something to look forward. But in all honest you have to see this movie and you can't just skip it wait for dvd is fine but they may find to be difficult if your a huge potter fan. But to this day my favorite "Potter" adventure is still Chamber of secrets just alot of fun and it was closest to the book. But as i am finishing this review this is the last review i will write for Harry Potter. So now its official Harry Potter is done and its over .. well for me anyways. But its been fun and we will Miss his new adventures i tip my hat to you Mr. Potter





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