Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review

“Overall, This Film Is A Very Enjoyable Film. Those Who Have Not Read The Harry Potter Books May Enjoy It Much More Than Those Who Have Read The Books.”

July 15th, 2009

Overall, this film is very enjoyable. Those who have not read the Harry Potter books may enjoy it much more than those who have read the books considering there are several differences between the film and the book, and some of them are key plot points which will, in the end, affect the plot of the two "Deathly Hallows" films. There are also many scenes added to the movie which do not occur in the book, one of them being an intense battle at The Burrow, which ultimately, adds no extra drama to the film, and in my opinion, is a completely unnecessary scene. For a fan of the books, this film does not deliver like it should. There are several small differences that get on your nerves, especially in the end. Key scenes and actions are cut from the ending and in the end you don't feel as though the movie's been completely wrapped up. If, however, you're simply a fan of the films, and have yet to read any of the books, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is certainly an entertaining movie. Lots of laughs and lots of drama. But overall, as an adaptation of a great book, this one just does not deliver.


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