Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

“Visually Entertaining! Overall... Not That Great”

July 11th, 2008

I’m not sure whether to categorize this as action, comedy or romance because it does have a little bit of those three elements. Whether it uses those three to the maximum capacity is… arguable. HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY is visually entertaining and the story is very simple. It’s not the greatest sequel out there but if you like the first movie, you’ll get a kick out of this one. Will it leave a lasting impression? I doubt it.

The visual effects are impressive, the movie brings us to an underground world full of creatures and the brilliance of make-up and costume departments.

My only perk is that the activities and the human agents’ uniforms in the headquarters for Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense remind us too much of the movie Men In Black.

The CG doesn’t take away the storyline, I think it’s there more for the purpose of keeping the audience amused.

The fight choreography is decent. I think it could’ve been more complex and particular in showing how the bad guys are supposed to be killed.

It’s just that often times the scenes end too fast and not in clever or surprising ways.

You gotta hand it to Ron Pearlman who plays the big red hero. The guy is perfect for the role. His sarcasm and smartass attitude reminds you of Bruce Willis' character John McLane in Die Hard movies.

Visionary Writer/director Guillermo Del Toro focuses more on relationship for this installment. Character development is there and along with it is blossoming ‘high-scool-esque’ crush between the characters Abe and Princess Nuala.

Hellboy and his girlfriend Liz Sherman have more of a soap opera-ish connection, something in the oven that would make any immature, carefree soon to be father realizes that he needs to get his act together.

This take on the movie might come off as ‘cheesy’ to some and it may be considered as cute by many, but it is detrimental to showing how the characters progress. Guillermo Del Toro could’ve chosen a darker path, something more psychological but that’s not the case…In the end, overall, it’s just… okay.

I think the movie wants to emphasize the point of making the right choice. Who would you sacrifice yourself for? Fame and glory… or that one person you care deeply about.


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  • moviebuff123 • 8 years ago

    Nice Review... I gave it 31/2 stars and had basically the same problems you had with the movie. Wanna read a bad review. Not that the movie is bad... the review is bad. Check out 4weston7's review. He says nothing about the movie, says nothing to back his statements... and every sentence says somebody is good or great. Hilarious review.


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