Hellboy Review

“A Demon With Heart.”

May 7th, 2010

Hellboy is a red demon, brought into the world during World War II by the evil Rasputin when the dark follower opened a portal to another dimension to unleash Ogdru Jahad the seven gods of chaos upon the world for Hitler. Professor Broom stopped Rasputin and destroyed the portal before they were released. They may have stopped the dark lords from coming through, but something else came through in their place. A little red demon that professor Broom would later adopt and raise as if he were his own son. and he would name this demon child, Hellboy. Now, many years later when Hellboy is grown he must face a threatening evil. While this may seem new to Hellboy, to Professor Broom it's far too familiar. The past may repeat itself.

Hellboy was directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who also wrote the screen play for the film. The movie was based off Hellboy: Seed of Destruction; Hellboy being the comic book Mike Mignola is best known for. Mike Mignola was also the Co-Executive producer on the film. Del Toro was undeniably the best choice to direct the film. Guillermo Del Toro's vision of Hellboy was true to the comic. The set, characters and lighting were done in a style close to Mignola's art work. His dark tone, coupled with the right amount of comedy, made for an amazingly fun film. The make up and effects were a joy to look at and they were very well done. Add to all this Marco Beltrami's amazing score and you get an overall great film experience.

This is a little information about the creator of Hellboy.

Mike Mignola is a writer and artist. He has been with Dark Horse comics since 1994 when they published his book Hellboy: Seed of Destruction; the book the film was based on. Mignola has worked with other companies before Dark Horse. He has worked for Marvel where he did inking on such books as, Daredevil and The Incredible Hulk. After Marvel, he went on to work for DC comics. There he worked on World of Krypton and later was given the opportunity to do cover art for Batman: A Death in the Family, but Mignola's is most recognized for his own creation, Hellboy. He has won a total of seven Eisner Awards for his work on Hellboy. One of the Eisner Awards that he won was for best writer and artist for Hellboy: Seed of Destruction.

This is some information about the characters from Hellboy and also the actors who played them in the film.

Hellboy is a demon. His real name is Anung Un Rama (Beast of Apocalypse). He was discovered by the allied military along with Professor Broom, who gave him the name Hellboy. As he grew Hellboy started filing down his horns so he would fit in better. Although he is a demon and has horns, Hellboy is more human than he believes. He has the same emotions as us. Some of these emotions come through the actions that he takes. Trying to get a girl he loves to see how much she means to him and trying to prove to his father he can be trusted along with protecting the ones he loves, are all very human traits. Hellboy was played by actor Ron Pearlman. Who was a perfect choice for the role. I couldn't imagine anyone else playing the part. He helped bring the character Hellboy to life with his acting style. He made you believe that Hellboy was real.

Liz Sherman is Psychokinetic. This means she has the ability to create or control fire. She did not have a happy child hood. In fact, it was tragic. At age 11 Liz lost control of her powers destroying a city block that resulted in the tragic deaths of thirty two people. Three of which were her mother, father and brother. From then on she went from home to home. Living with different family members until the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) took her in, There she learned to control her powers and later would accompany Hellboy and Abe Sapien on their missions. She often leaves the BPRD but returns. Liz Sherman was played by Selma Blair. Her take on the character was done well. You get to see how the trauma of her childhood affected her as an adult. She showed how the character is emotionally scared and how she is nervous around people. Selma Blair did a great job showing that through the film.

Langdon Everett Caul who later would be known as Abe Sapien wasn't always the blue fish creature you see today. He was a scientist that belonged to a society that believed in gaining all knowledge of things that relate to the sea. This society would be the very thing that would change his life forever. What caused his transformation relates to the societies finding of a strange jellyfish, one they had never seen before. The society attempted a ritual on the creature, but something went wrong. The jelly fish was released and Langdon's life was forever changed. He was turning into a fish creature and the society believed that this was their god reborn. So, the group sealed Langdon into a water tank and was hid him beneath a laboratory in Washington DC where he stayed until he was found in 1978 by a worker who stumbled upon him in an abandon hospital. When released he had no memory of his previous life, because of this he was given a new name, Abe Sapien. The name came from a piece of paper that was found on the tank dated the day Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. He was later picked up by the BPRD where he would later become a field agent and work along side Hellboy. Abe Sapien was played by two actors. David Hyde Pierce did the voice for the character and Doug Jones portrayed the physical Abe. It was the studios decision to replace Doug Jones voice with David Hyde Pierce who refused credit out of respect for the work Doug Jones did as the character. Doug Jones performance as Abe Sapien was excellent. He is a very talented performer which you see throughout the film. He was the right choice for the part and he later would be able to talk for the character in Hellboy 2: The Golden Army.

Grigori Rasputin is one of Hellboy's main villains. He was assassinated 1916 by Price Felix Yusopov and was later brought back by Ogdru Jahad the seven gods of chaos who used Rasputin as their advisor in the mortal world. Rasputin would later be contacted by the Nazis to develop a way to end the world, but Rasputin would help them only so he could use their resources to help himself bring upon a new era in the world which would bring about the apocalypse. Rasputin was played by Karel Roden. He did a good job with his performance as the Rasputin character and capturing how Rasputin would act and talk.

Overall I loved this movie. I would love to go into more details about the other characters from the film and who played them, but there isn't enough time for all of them. I will say that John Hurt did a excellent job as Trevor Broom. He was one of my favorites from the film. I highly recommend anyone who enjoyed this movie as much as myself to read some of the comics. They are fun to read and Mike Mignola's art work is a joy to look at. To those who haven't seen this yet, I recommend you pick this up because you are missing out on a fun film. One of my favorite quotes from the film is form Professor Broom where he asks, "What is it that makes a man a man?" Well, by the end of this film you will know the answer to that question. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.


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  • Ilikepie202 • 5 years ago

    epic review


    • comicbookfan • 6 years ago

      No its not a store Doom. Its the actual place where they work, where they create the comics. The Dark Horse HQ. I guess thats why its all shielded with black windows so you can't see what's going on inside. The funny thing is, its right in front of a Tri-Met bus transit center.


      • righthandofdoom • 6 years ago

        Thanks guys. Is it a actual Dark Horse Comic store?


        • comicbookfan • 6 years ago

          Good review Doom, very informative. Man I did not know that Mike Mignola was the artist of the cover to Batman: A Death in the Family! Great little trivia tidbit. Also here's another: I live one town over from Dark Horse Comics. I have walked in front of the Dark Horse shop many times. You can't even see inside. It's all black windows. Anyways keep up the good work and I hope MovieWeb fixes their darn Ratings/Reviews system because it is definitely giving out the wrong dates for the reviews and hiding them from the New User Reviews page so nobody even knows about them. That is seriously messed up. Again, great job man.


          • twistedsmile • 6 years ago

            Great review Doom. I love this movie.


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