Here Comes the Boom Review

“Average. Kind Of An Interesting Film For Younger People.”

February 9th, 2013

A late review, but no one else has reviewed it, so why not?

Before we even hit the play button, we know how this movie is going to play out. We've seen it so many times before; It goes without saying. However, I think it's a great family movie especially for kids considering they're too young to understand that the story is very predictable.

Despite the fact that I predicted several big plot points before I started the movie, it wasn't a complete waste of time. I'm usually a fan of Kevin James, and i actually enjoyed his performance in this one. A huge step up from "Grown Ups." He plays a biology teacher. He doesn't exactly respect the authority at the school, he's kind of tired of his job,and he's just living life through the motions. When the school's douche bag principal (and I mean huge douche bag. They over did it.) decides to cut the music department to save money, Scott (James) impulsively stands up for Marty the music teacher played by Henry Winkler and announces he's going to raise the money to save it.

The film basically revolves around the music class and a quote introduced to us in the very beginning. "Without music, life is a mistake." But let's face it, they could have come up with a better quote than that. The characters keep referring back to this quote that isn't deep or though provoking or anything of the sort, and it kind of disappointed me.

Another thing that disappointed me was the lack of training they showed to us. Scott kept getting better and better at MMA, but they didn't show us much of vigorous training exercises he had to have gone through. Also, he went from an amateur fight with a small crowd to all of a sudden being surrounded by a ton of people. I guess what I'm saying is that they didn't do a great job of gradually showing his progression as a fighter. Rather, he kind of just ranked up abnormally fast. The movie was long enough that they would have been able to do it differently, but it is what it is.

The big thing is that I felt as if they didn't try very hard to make the movie different. There were a ton of things that I thought were very cheesy and expected. But,it's a PG movie, I don't expect ingenuity out of it. The dialogue was nothing special as expected. Judging from the films plot, I felt like there wasn't a lot of room for originality anyway. There was only so much they could do.

So, it's good for the whole family. I only watched it because my mom wanted to. I don't see myself ever watching it again. You're not missing much by not seeing it; I will say that. I don't really recommend putting in an effort to see it. It's one of those you watch if it just happens to be there.

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