Highlander Synopsis

Remake of the big screen the 1986 sci-fi cult hit "Highlander," with "Iron Man" co-writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

The Russell Mulcahy-directed original starred Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery and Clancy Brown as immortal beings. Lambert played Scottish swordsman Connor MacLeod, Connery an Egyptian and Clancy a barbarian known as the Kurgan. The movie spawned four sequels and three television series. Peter Davis, one of the original producers of the 1986 film, will also produce the new version of the film.

Highlander News
Highlander Remake Gets Dave Bautista as the Villain?Highlander Remake Gets Dave Bautista as the Villain?
WWE Superstar and Guardians of the Galaxy scene stealer Dave Bautista is rumored to play The Kurgan in Highlander.
Highlander Reboot Wants Tom Cruise for Sean Connery RoleHighlander Reboot Wants Tom Cruise for Sean Connery Role
Summit Entertainment is courting Tom Cruise for Sean Connery's Juan Ramirez role in the upcoming Highlander reboot.
Highlander Remake Gets Director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan
The project will be the visual effects supervisor's directorial debut. No stars have been attached as of yet.
Ryan Reynolds Leaves the Highlander Reboot
The actor was going to play Connor MacLeod, but decided to part ways with the project after an extended development period.
Highlander Remake Loses Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
The Intruders director is leaving due to creative differences, after spending more than a year working on the remake for Summit.
Ryan Reynolds Confirmed as Highlander
The Green Lantern star will play the immortal Connor McLeod in director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's remake for Summit Entertainment.
Highlander Reboot Wants Ryan Reynolds
The actor is in the lead for director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo's upcoming fantasy adventure.
Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo Confirmed for Highlander
The 28 Weeks Later director is Summit Entertainment's number one choice to helm this remake of the cult classic.
Highlander Seeks Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
The 28 Weeks Later director is in early talks for Summit Entertainment's remake after Justin Lin bowed out of the project last month.
Highlander Remake Loses Justin Lin
The director has too much on his plate with the sequels Fast Six and Terminator 5 moving forward.
Highlander Gets RCR Media Group as Co-Financier
Justin Lin will direct this remake centering on Connor McLeod, an immortal Scottish warrior.
Highlander Reboot Gets Melissa Rosenberg
The Twilight screenwriter will take on the Connor McLeod saga, with Justin Lin attached to direct for Summit Entertainment.
Justin Lin and Neal Moritz Team for Highlander Remake
The Fast & Furious director and producer reunite for a new remake.
Is Kevin McKidd to Become the New Face of The Highlander?
If they're going to remake the film, at least the new lead is actually Scottish.