Highlander Review

“Here We Are, The Princes Of The Universe”

October 10th, 2010

A film that seems to divide people into either loving it or hating it, Highlander was a very 1980's film at heart, with a strong supporting cast and rockin' music by Queen. Christopher Lambert is one of those actors I never really cared for, I feel he over-acts a lot, but in the original Highlander he was kicking ass as Connor MacCleod.

Opening with a narration by legendary actor Sean Connery, we are filled in on an abbreviated history of 'the immortals', who are destined to kill one another until there is only one left alive (with the most common way of killing your adversary being decapitating them). Once another immortal is defeated in combat, the winning immortal absorbs the losing immortals' skills and knowledge in a transfer of power through lightning.

Afterwards, we see Connor MacCleod at a wrestling match in Madison Square Garden, brooding and reflecting on his long history. Growing bored of the match, Connor makes for the parking garage, but is intercepted by another immortal, and they fight in mortal combat. As MacCleod tries to flee the scene, he is stopped and arrested, and then we flash back to the 1500's, before MacCleod knew he was immortal. As his clan attacks a rival clan, he is supposedly mortally wounded by a warrior known as the Kurgen (Clancy Brown, Starship Troopers). He recovers shortly thereafter, and is banished from his superstitious clan, as they feel it was the work of the Devil that brought him back to life. As MacCleod travels, he is happened upon by Connery's character, who is also immortal, but chooses to help Connor understand what he is instead of killing him. From there, the Kurgen does a good job of screwing up MacCleod's life in the past and present, to sometimes comical effect, ending with an epic sword fight in an abandoned warehouse.

I don't know about other people, but I enjoyed music director Russell McCalhaly's style, pacing Queen's music into just the right parts. I enjoyed the mostly dark mood setting the film had, and its premise. Was never a fan of the awful sequels or tv show, but I still find myself drawn to this one from time to time.

Check it out for some 80's nostalgia :D


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  • instead8909 • 4 years ago

    I liked the first original film a lot, watched the rest and both shows just because I liked the sword play.


    • ed-wood • 6 years ago

      I really dig this movie. Good review.


      • diaigma • 6 years ago

        You should coin that phrase, @supes1 - make it yours! :P

        And as always, a worthwhile read.


        • dan1 • 6 years ago

          This is another cellular review.


          • dan1 • 6 years ago

            Had a conversation with a co-worker not long ago about the sequel. I told him it was sh*t, and he said to watch the renegade version, as it fills in gaps. Guess what? It still sucked.


            • ejk1 • 6 years ago

              Highlander was good. The sequels were bad. Good review.


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