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Gun-for-hire Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant) is hired by a group known as "The Agency" to kill targets for cash.

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Zachary Quinto Joins Hitman Reboot Agent 47Zachary Quinto Joins Hitman Reboot Agent 47
Rupert Friend stars as the title character, replacing the late Paul Walker. Production is scheduled to begin this March.
Hitman 2, Kane & Lynch and Just Cause Movie Updates
Producer Adrian Askarieh drops some new tidbits on three videogame-based films.
Hitman 2 Moves Forward with a New Writer
Kyle Ward has been hired to pen the sequel to the 2007 film.
EXCLUSIVE: Ron Blecker Talks the Weaponry of Hitman
The tactical consultant on this video game adaptation talks about the film.
Get a glimpse into this upcoming disc before it hits the shelves.
CONTEST: Take Home the Hitman DVD!
Here's your chance to win this explosive Timothy Olyphant film.
Hitman Explodes Onto DVD on March 11th
The flick will come out in both standard and Blu-Ray formats.
Check Out an Extended Clip from Hitman!
Here's a new glimpse into the vidgame adaptation.
Xavier Gens to Lens Vanikoro Next
The Hitman director lines up his next project.
Timothy Olyphant Is the Hitman
The actor talks about becoming Agent 47: Gun-For-Hire!
Final Hitman Image Gallery Is Here!
Plus, check out the production notes on the highly anticipated film.
New Hitman International Images and Poster
Timothy Olyphant is gun-for-hire Agent 47 who kills targets for cash.
Hitman and Hellboy 2 Official Websites Are Now Live
Get your first look at two highly anticipated flix.
Fox 2007 Fall Preview: AVP 2, Hitman and More!
New images from Hitan, Alvin and the Chipmunks and Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem.
New Hitman Movie Poster
20th Century Fox's highly anticipated action film starring Olyphant.
A Second Hitman Trailer Goes Online!
Get your second dose of Timothy Olyphant as the assassin.
See Timothy Olyphant as the Hitman!
A new image of the actor immerges on the net.
Your First Look at the Hitman Teaser Poster!
Get inside the upcoming video game adaptation!
Get Your First Look at the Hitman Trailer!
Get a glimpse of the upcoming video game adaptation starring Timothy Olyphant.
Principal Photography Begins on Hitman
Starring Timothy Olyphant as a professional assassin for hire.
Dougray Scott Joining the Cast of Hitman
Also, Ulrich Thomsen and Michael Offei take on the video game adaptation.
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