Homefront Review

“The Great Cast Makes This Movie With Average Storyline Delivers Satisfaction”

December 8th, 2013

It begins with Broker's (Statham) last assigment on "Outcats" drugs gang that caused the only son of the leader killed.Broker then moves to a small quite "looks peacefull"remote town. After a small "incident" that involves his daughter with another kid brings a new problem that finally Broker realise that this small town is not actually peacefull town escpecially when Gator (Franco) a small drugs kingpin begins to threat Broker and his daughter's life.

The storyline is quite average.Nothing special on it.But trully the great cast like Statham, Winona, James Franco and good directing from Fleder makes this movie delivers saticfaction to me. Statham did a good performance as a father, Kate Bosworth convincing as an addicted sister of Gator that try so hard to be a good mother. and Franco?defenitly, he and Statham becomes the magnet of this movie, Fleder did a very good job that brings out the psychological war between Broker and Gator.

Good drama action movie.

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