Homegrown (1998)

Homegrown Poster
  • 47%
Release Date
Stephen Gyllenhaal
John Lithgow, Jon Tenney, Ryan Phillippe, Hank Azaria, Billy Bob Thornton, Kelly Lynch

Homegrown Synopsis

Jack, Carter, and Harlan are journeymen practitioners of their craft in a world that just doesn't appreciate fine craftsmanship anymore. The craft they just happen to be plying is pot farming and they are seasoned experts at it. The three inept but lovable farmers go about their merry work until the day they witness the murder of their boss, the plantation owner, by a mysterious assailant. After a moment of panic, the naive trio decides to take over the business themselves. However, their lazy days on the dope farm have ill prepared them for the high stakes game of finding buyers for millions of dollars of contraband. As they plunge into a shadowy new world of duplicity, double-dealing and danger, they soon find that they have gotten in way over their heads. Driven on by increasing greed and paranoia, they find it is too late to back out.

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