Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil


This sequel finds our heroine training with a mysterious covert group called the Sisters of the Hood. But, Red is forced to cut her training short when she gets an urgent call from Nicky Flippers, who returns as head of the super-secret Happily Ever After Agency, aka the HEA. A wicked witch has abducted two innocent children, Hansel and Gretel, and Nicky needs Red for the search-and-rescue mission. Fracturing fairy tales and pop culture with good-natured glee, "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil" takes viewers on a rollicking rollercoaster ride combining edge-of-the-seat adventure with classic, zany cartoon antics.

EXCLUSIVE: Wayne Newton Talks ‘Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil’ Blu-ray

Wayne Newton brings his persona to Jimmy Ten-Strings in Hoodwinked Too!

This Tuesday, August 16th, the hit animated comedy adventure Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil will be coming to 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD. This sequel to the 2005 classic Hoodwinked finds our heroine Red (Hayden Panettiere) training with a mysterious covert group called the Sisters of the Hood when she is called upon to rescue two innocent children, Hansel and Gretel, that have been kidnapped by a ruthless, wicked witch.

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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Thor’ Tops the Box Office with $66 Million

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BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will ‘Thor’ Bring the Thunder This Weekend?

Looks like the weekend is Thor's to lose. The Nordic god seems to be tracking for a $60-$70 million opening. It could have perhaps done a bit better if the Universal mega-hit Fast Five wasn't presenting stiff competition at the box office for the fan boy crowd. So far reviews seem pretty positive for this action adventure.

Fast Five should rake in somewhere between $38-40 million.

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BOX OFFICE BEATDOWN: ‘Fast Five’ Drives Away with $83 Million

It's been a boffo weekend for Fast Five. This big budget car sequel seems to have welcomed the summer blockbuster season into the box office. It managed to crank out a spectacular $83 million. Add in international takes and it's grossed $165 million. This is particularly impressive because this surprisingly well-reviewed crowd-pleaser has managed to top the previous entry in the series which made $71 million on opening weekend.

In other news, Rich Ross of Disney is no doubt tucking his tail between his legs after his first attempt at creating a new franchise bombed big time. Prom was an utter disaster. They had predicted a $9 million opening but instead the tween film debuted to a very disappointing $5 million. It seems this won't be getting the High School Musical sequel treatment unless a ton of girls turn out in the next week or two. Doesn't look like this one is going to last long.

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BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will ‘Fast Five’ Zoom to $75 Million?

I don't know about you, but I'm a little bleary-eyed after getting up at 5:30 AM to watch the royal nuptials. Thusly, I'm not going to any movies tonight, but the rest of America probably isn't feeling quite so tired. So let's see what the Box Office Crystal Ball forecasts for our dear sweet film industry (America's royalty?) this weekend.

People are buzzing that today's take for Fast Five, the 4th sequel to The Fast and the Furious, could reach $30 million or so. WOW. I guess moviegoers are starved for some summer movie action after a few long weeks of animated movies dominating the top spot. If that information tracks, it looks like the film is poised to make at least $75 million over the weekend. Impressive because this is bigger than all the previous entries in the franchise. Get ready for a blockbuster season.

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‘Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil’ Poster

The first official one-sheet for Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil has finally arrived. Featuring the voice talents of Hayden Panettiere, Bill Hader, Glenn Close, Joan Cusack, and Amy Poehler, this rollicking new adventure follows teenager Red Riding Hood and her pal The Wolf as they set off to find the missing Hansel and Gretel. You can check out the new poster below.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil was released April 29th, 2011.

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‘Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs. Evil’ Trailer

The first trailer has arrived for The Weinstein Company's animated sequel Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil, which will hit theaters nationwide on April 29. Click on the clip below for your first glimpse at this new adventure, which features the voices of Glenn Close, Bill Hader, and Hayden Panettiere.

Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil will find teen Red Riding Hood who will be training in a distant land with a mysterious, covert group called the Sister Hoods. When Red and the Wolf get called upon by Nick Flippers the head of the Happily Ever After Agency over to investigate the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel.

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