Hook Review

“Good Movie But Not The Best”

September 22nd, 2011

Robin Williams is at it again starring in hook hoping to get another great review but its not always wat it seems. The movie hook is about a old man who once was young but he forgot who he really was. So one night he decided to through a party for his grandmother (so he thinks) But he decided to have a fiew drinks so u know if people drink alot they start seeing things right well thats exactly what happend. He saw a glowing light and he was very suprised. It was flying to and started talking and what she said was peter peter pan is that you and he thought she was crasy so he started talking to her and when he talked enough the glowing light pushed him into a wall and took him off to neverland.

So i guess you would say another haplily ever after but not for long cause that night when he had a drink hook snuck in and took his kids and thats exactly why the fairy came so when he got to never land the first place he wnt to was hooks ship and acted like a pirate and then he saw his kids when he did he came up to hook and cried those are my kids. So the pirates were all confused they said are those really ure kids? he said yes. So they told him to fly up their and get them but he couldnt so he made a deal with hook he said. give me 3 days to learn how to fly and dont torcher my kids hook said thats a deal so for the next 3 days he went through alot of stuff cane back and it was a happy ending.

So robin williams wasent all that famous for being in this movie not very good picture a confusing story line and more crying than there was action so i gave this movie a 3.5 right back if uve seen or licked my review

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