Hostel: Part II


The sequel focuses on three girls who are studying in Italy for the summer and they get lured back to a lot of familiar places. It turns out that the Slovakian stopover is actually part of a chain and you'll see the ins and outs of the whole organization and how they get people and kill them. "Hostel 2" starts immediately where the first film left off.

‘Hostel III’ Is Heading Into Production

Bloody Disgusting confirmed rumors this weekend that Hostel III has started to head into production. While Lionsgate and Sony Screen Gems had always intended to continue the franchise with a third film, talks fell silent after the poor box office take of Hostel Part II.

Head over to Bloody Disgusting for updates on the progress of this particular project.

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COMIC-CON 2007 EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Eli Roth on ‘Hostel’ and ‘Hostel 2’ Blu-ray Releases and ‘Trailer Trash’

During Comic-con last weekend we got the chance to go one-on-one with horror director Eli Roth to talk about the upcoming Blu-ray releases of Hostel: Director's Cut and Hostel 2. As well, the director goes in depth on his latest plans for his upcoming Kentucky Fried Movie style flick, Trailer Trash. Watch the video below!

Hostel: Part II was released June 8th, 2007.

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Join the ‘Hostel Part II’ User Review Party!

Heads are officially rolling this weekend as Eli Roth's follow-up to his 2006 horror hit comes to theaters, and we all know Mr. Roth definitely knows his stuff when it comes to throwing back to an old school horror style of the 80s (always show boobs in 'R' rated horror flicks!)...but does the second time around have the same impact? Or are you just sick of this style hack/slash horror movie now?

Do you like hard cider? Do you like naked models? Tell us what you truly think. We want to know, and so does everybody else. Maybe you saw Ocean's Thirteen instead. Heck, you can tell us about that too. Don't be shy.

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Eli Roth Talks ‘Hostel: Part II’, the Internet, the MPAA and More

Our friend Tony Farinella at recently interviewed director Eli Roth, who is currently promoting his latest horror/thriller film, Hostel: Part II, and spoke his mind about various topics including 9/11, the MPAA, the internet, critics that accuse him of glorifying violence, and more.

Hostel: Part II was released June 8th, 2007.

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Watch 20 Video Interviews, Clips and on Set Footage from ‘Hostel 2’!

Check out our slew of 20 new Hostel: Part II clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage!

Behind The Scenes Footage Part #1

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‘Hostel II’ Bootlegs Already on the Street

While looking for a pair of cheap sunglasses and a velour leisure suit down in Santee Alley, I ran across a man in the middle of the street selling a pile of Hostel: Part II DVDs.

I asked him how it was already on bootleg, and we got in a small argument about the film's release date. After a fifteen-minute squabble, I purchased the disc for five dollars. The back of the case had the description for the first Hostel film. I thought I might have been hornswoggled.

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First Five Minutes of ‘Hostel: Part II’ Playing with ‘Bug’

Last January, writer/director Eli Roth terrified moviegoers with the blood-drenched Hostel, which catapulted to the top of the box office charts and became the first Number One film of 2006. One year later, Roth takes us back to where it all began, and deeper into the darkest recesses of the human mind.

In Hostel: Part II, three young Americans studying art in Rome set off for a weekend trip when they run into a beautiful model from one of their classes. Also on her way to an exotic destination, the gorgeous European invites the coeds to come along, assuring them they will be able to relax and rejuvenate.

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First Look at the Final ‘Hostel: Part II’ Poster!

Lionsgate has provided us with your first look at the final poster for Hostel: Part II! Take a look below, or CLICK HERE for a look at the high resolution version.

Hostel: Part II opens on June 8th and stars Jay Hernandez, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, Vera Jordanova, Roger Bart and Richard Burgi.

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