House at the End of the Street Review

“Please...just Kill Me”

January 18th, 2013

House at the End of the Street is a 2012 horror thriller movie

Directed by: Mark Tonderai

Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Elizabeth Sue and Gil Belows.

Boy, was I fooled. Here I was expecting ghosts and apparitions haunting the lead character because of some family curse and what I get is drama mashed with cheap thrills. I understand that actors and actresses have this need and responsibility to prove to themselves that typecasting is not their forte, so they expand on tackling all sorts of movie genres to diversify their resumes. I respect that, but given the fresh new rising talent, why make bad decisions like these? I doubt they believed in the script that much.

Coming right out of a behemoth surprise hit in the first quarter of 2012, Miss Lawrence is advertised to get people to see this movie. It's inevitable. Making nearly 700 million worldwide, why shouldn't the marketing team have "From the Hunger Games..." in their posters and trailers? House At the End of the Street was just a selection me and a couple of friend decided on just to take a break from our homework, and boy, did we want to go back to writing our twenty paged essays with vigor. I may be a little late posting this review up, but really, can you blame me? I forgot about it the second I walked out of the auditorium. My scripts are a priority for my professors. I will admit that in no way will my feelings towards the actress and the cast should condemn them for years to come. Celebrities have their stinkers and we can't fault them for it. It doesn't take a the skill of a writer to know if the script needs a retouch. As for the character doing the malice, I simply felt sorry for him, which is surprising coming from given my lack of love for the whole production. No child should be raised the way he did and submit his torture to prolong rotten fruition because of a carelessness. So, we can give the writer some brownie points for making me feel sorry.

Overall, just another 2012 disappointment and nothing more. Playing mini golf has better rewards.

Written by: Bawnain©-Dexeus.


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  • skywise • 3 years ago

    I agree with you on this one. Its a mess of a movie that doesnt seem to know what kind of movie it is.


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