House at the End of the Street Reviews

  • This is the rare horror film so bad you almost wish it had turned into a good old connect-the-gory-dots slasher movie. The only mystery at work is how Lawrence's agent ever let her sign on.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • A choppily edited, poorly timed mess with little continuity, overloaded with aural shocks in a desperate attempt to compensate for its minimal suspense.

    Stephen Holden — New York Times

  • Tonderai steers the story cleanly around its queasy hairpin turns, perversely toying with one of pop cinema's most cherished cliches: the audience's inculcated desire to side with the underdog.

    Nick Pinkerton — Village Voice

  • Originality, or lack thereof, isn't really the movie's problem. Execution is.

    Glenn Kenny — MSN Movies

  • A schlockly spin on the girl-in-jeopardy genre.

    Geoff Berkshire — Variety

  • A thriller with a twisted ending that feels clumsy, laboured and unconvincing throughout.

    Bruce Demara — Toronto Star

  • Bland, bloodless babysitter bait.

    William Goss —

  • Lawrence is perfectly in character yet somehow outside it too, floating above Elissa and the weak movie alike.

    Rick Groen — Globe and Mail

  • Feisty girl + troubled young man + house full of ugly secrets = hackneyed horror movie you've seen a hundred times before, even if Jennifer Lawrence keeps it watchable.

    David Rooney — Hollywood Reporter

  • What could be so bad about a new Jennifer Lawrence movie that its distributor opts to keep it away from critics and release it with minimal ad support? Please, allow "House at the End of the Street" to answer that question.

    Mark Olsen — Los Angeles Times

  • "House at the End of the Street" is so thoroughly unpredictable that it will even have you actively rooting for the villain and against the victims at one point.

    Martin Tsai — Critic's Notebook

  • A "sleepover night" horror movie made for young people who haven't seen many good horror movies.

    Scott Weinberg

  • An uncommonly tedious effort...

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • It's made for - and presumably by - people who haven't ever seen a horror movie. What's even more frustrating is that its inherent ineptitude doesn't ever become entertaining in a "this is hilariously horrible" fashion.


  • Ninety minutes of melodrama for ten minutes of a very derivative surprise ending.

    Felix Vasquez Jr. — Cinema Crazed

  • A clunky, run-of-the-mill horror flick written by the same guy who penned last year's similarly themed disappointment, Dream House.

    Steve Newton — Georgia Straight

  • It isn't very scary, but it does pile a bunch of really tasteless twists on towards the end that make no sense and it almost becomes a comedy. On one hand, is a failure as a horror film, but as an exercise in desperation, it's kind of a hoot

    Eric Melin —

  • exactly what you'd expect from a PG-13 horror movie dropped in September. There's really nothing particularly scary about it, and the story ranges from shaky to thin

    Kevin Carr — 7M Pictures

  • House at the End of the Street reveals itself to be merely another forgettable PG-13 thriller banking on the brain-dead mall crowd to tweet their unending love for a crummy feast such as this.

    Jeremy Wheeler — TV Guide's Movie Guide

  • The screenplay has a nice twist that could have supported a stylish giallo-style thriller; unfortunately, director Mark Tonderai delivers a mess -- an almost random tangle of choppy edits, handheld camera, 'shock' sound effects and other horror cliches.

    John Beifuss — Commercial Appeal (Memphis, TN)

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