Hubble 3D


The IMAX 3D camera, which flew onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis, captured stunning 3D images of the intricate spacewalks required to service the telescope during the most recent mission last May. Shot by the STS-125 astronauts, this intimate look at the complexities of repairing the telescope will put IMAX audiences right there along-side the spacewalking astronauts. "Hubble 3D" will combine this awe-inspiring IMAX footage with breathtaking up-close imagery of distant galaxies, the birth of stars and planets, and more - revealing the cosmos as never before.


We have an exclusive clip from the IMAX: Hubble DVD which features Director Toni Myers discussing shooting the documentary with the IMAX cameras. IMAX: Hubble is available now on DVD, On Demand and for Download, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray is only available at Best Buy for a limited time. You can check out the clip below.

In May 2009, the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis launched a mission to make vital repairs and upgrades to the Hubble Space Telescope, the world's first space-based optical telescope. An IMAX camera captured stunning footage of the five intricate spacewalks required, as well as close-up images of the effort to grasp the orbiting telescope with the shuttle's mechanical arm at 17,000 MPH - and an unexpected problem that could sabotage the entire mission. Hubble combines this breathtaking material with images taken during the 20 years it has been our window into space. Through advanced computer visualization, Hubble's detailed data becomes a series of scientifically realistic flights that unfold on screen like a guided tour of the universe, through time and space.

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IMAX Doubles Box Office Grosses in 2010

IMAX Corporation today announced that for the fifty-two weeks ended December 31, 2010, IMAX DMR global gross box office reached a record $546 million, more than doubling the Company's previous global box office record of $270 million achieved in 2009. The Company's DMR gross box office for the fourth quarter of 2010 reached $102 million compared to $101 million in the fourth quarter of last year.

Gross box office generated from the Company's original documentaries including Hubble 3D, Under the Sea 3D and Deep Sea 3D totaled $41 million.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Toni Myers and Michael Massimino Take Us Into Space with ‘Hubble 3D’

The 3D experience that moviegoers have embraced worldwide with James Cameron's Avatar has truly been extraordinary. However, even Pandora can't compare with the utter splendor and beauty we can see above our own Earth with the new IMAX 3D film Hubble 3D, which will be released in IMAX theaters across the country on March 19. This stunning new film gives viewers an up-close and personal look at the recent 2009 NASA mission to repair the Hubble telescope and, with the amazing IMAX 3D technology (and on a REAL IMAX screen), you're closer to the action than ever before and you're even treated to insightful narration from Leonardo DiCaprio, which enhances the beauty on screen with loads of intriguing facts.

I recently was able to speak with both the director of the film, Toni Myers, and one of the astronauts on this Hubble mission, Michael Massimino. Here's what they both had to say about their brand new film.

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BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Takes in $62 Million for Its Second Box Office Win

It was another successful tea party at the box office for Tim Burton's latest film. Alice in Wonderland took the box office crown for the second weekend in a row, taking in an estimated $62 million in its second weekend in theaters. The film, which stars Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, Michael Sheen, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Alan Rickman, Christopher Lee, Stephen Fry, Timothy Sprall and Crispin Glover, only dropped an impressive 46.6% in its second weekend, and has a cumulative domestic total of $208 million, already profiting from its massive $200 million production budget after just 10 days. The film also took in a monstrous $16,631 per-screen average, playing in 3,728 theaters.

The weekend brought four new films to theaters, and although none of them really came close to Tim Burton's new film, Paul Greengrass' new film Green Zone came the closest, taking second place with an estimated $14.5 million. The Matt Damon film took in a solid $4,820 per-screen average from 3,003 theaters, but it seems this film will have a hard time earning back its $100 million budget. The new Jay Baruchel comedy She's Out of My League came in third place with an estimated $9.6 million, with just a $3,248 per-screen average from 2,956 theaters and Robert Pattinson's new film Remember Me came in fourth place with $8.3 million. The last new release, Our Family Wedding, came in fifth place with an estimated $7.6 million, right behind holdover Shutter Island, which took fourth place with $8.1 million. The Martin Scorsese film now stands at $108 million after four weeks in release.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Lends His Voice to ‘Hubble 3D’

Warner Bros. Pictures Inc. and IMAX Corporation today announced that three-time Academy-Award nominee Leonardo DiCaprio will narrate Hubble 3D. The latest IMAX 3D film from the award-winning team behind Space Station 3D and other successful IMAX space films, led by producer/director Toni Myers, is scheduled for release to IMAX theatres beginning March 19, 2010. Hubble 3D will combine awe-inspiring IMAX 3D footage shot in space with breathtaking, never-before-seen 3D flights through Hubble imagery from the Orion Nebula to the far reaches of the cosmos. The film is the fourth IMAX 3D co-production between the two companies.

"Leonardo's exceptional talent as both an actor and communicator will dovetail nicely with this breathtaking film, and we're looking forward to having him guide us to the edge of the universe and back," said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond.

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Warner Bros. 2010 Sneak Preview

The Book of Eli, Edge of Darkness, Clash of the Titans and A Nightmare on Elm Street and much more.