Hugo Review

“Good, Not More Than That. Still, Oscar Worthy In Some Aspects.. Sometimes A Bit Boring, But Captures The Innocence Of Children Excellently.”

May 4th, 2012

After watching the Oscars and finding that Hugo won 5 Oscars, i decided to watch the film instantly. I was thinking positively about this film and hell, yeah, i'm not disappointed. I understood the reason it grabbed FIVE oscars against its 11 nominations, TWO Baftas and other honorable awards. The story is Quite simple, and believe me, i'm a newbie to the movie, i never read or heard the book.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, and based on a book written by 'Brian Selznick'The story begins with Hugo(Asa Butterfield) maintaining the clockwork. Hugo, collects various clock parts and repairs the broken Automation, which is the main theme if the movie. Papa Georges(ben Kingsley), works at a shop in the railway station and thinks that hugo is a thief for nearly half of the movie. Isabelle(Chloë Grace Moretz), georges goddaughter, becomes a close friend of Hugo and the two start working together repairing the Automation. And there are other characters who are funny, evil, humorous, etc.

As for the Acting part, every actor did their part brilliantly. Butterfield, was excellent and showcased the hidden suffering perfectly. Ben kingsley, was great. And Chloe, did her job quite satisfyingly. Others were good and the casting was perfect according to the mood and story of the film.

The visuals were Awesome, a perfect 3D film. The world looks very realistic and this is the best achievement of the Director for which the film even got the Academy award for best Visual Effects. The film Deserved the Awards it received and i have no complaint against the fact.

I will recommend everyone to watch this film. This film is quite enjoyable until it becomes a bit lagging and boring. Still, It can be viewed several Times and enjoy the atmosphere portrayed in the film.

Verdict: ****, B+, Good

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