Humboldt County Reviews

  • So much pot is smoked in the agreeable drama Humboldt County that you may come away from it with a contact high.

    Stephen Holden — New York Times

  • Be prepared: Humboldt County is a slow starter. But what appears to be the cliched uptight nerd liberated by flighty sprite tale evolves into something deeper, darker, more resonant.

    Maureen M. Hart — Chicago Tribune

  • An amiably paced, character-driven comedy-drama about a disenchanted student who finds himself among the unreconstructed hippies and second-generation fringe dwellers who farm marijuana in the Lost Coast region of Northern California.

    Joe Leydon — Variety

  • Possibly it might be of some interest with the right amount of buzz, but then so is a passing cloud.

    Kyle Smith — New York Post

  • (Humboldt County movie review at Time Out)

    David Fear — Time Out

  • the whole thing feels wrong and cheeky

    Jay Antani —

  • It becomes an endearing journey, even with the shock of Bogart's sudden departure from the scene and the movie's change of pace.

    Jules Brenner — Cinema Signals

  • The characters are so well defined, the acting so top-notch and the cinematography so stunning, I was able to forgive what I saw as script issues.

    Don R. Lewis — Film Threat

  • The movie's neither funny enough nor filled with enough dramatic tension to keep us invested in Peter's halting journey of self-discovery.

    Ethan Alter — Giant Magazine

  • Dud drama about a med-school failure from L.A. who finds himself amidst pot-growing hippies in a remote corner of the eponymous "Lost Coast" county.

    Doris Toumarkine — Film Journal International

  • Though the movie achieves that New Hollywood contact high only in fits and starts, this familial drama still leaves a pleasant buzz.

    David Fear — Time Out New York

  • The indie folk on the soundtrack teeter the film perilously close to another emo Gen-X flick about discovering who you really are, man, yet its quiet assurance hoists it to the top of genre.

    Amy Nicholson — Boxoffice Magazine

  • For an idea of how Humboldt County plays, imagine a Lifetime original movie about a loveable but pathetic couple who passed their druggy lifestyle on to the next generation.

    Bill White — Seattle Post-Intelligencer

  • A relaxed, sweetly amusing little indie effort that'll make you want to hang out with its inhabitants, except with better snack food than they have.

    Mark Rahner — Seattle Times

  • Humboldt County has an impressive cast and captures some of that era's fuzzy rebelliousness and humanism, but taken on its own the picture is finally thin stuff.

    Walter V. Addiego — San Francisco Chronicle

  • Humboldt County's doleful charm -- verdant, lovely, ominous, final -- leaves little room for idealistic dreams or even the promise of romantic redemption.

    Marc Savlov — Austin Chronicle

  • While the concept of the movie is tuned into all those warm, important questions of purpose, the execution lacks gravity, making the picture one long, slow spiral into melodramatic hogwash.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • A culture clash movie pitting '60s free spirit internal exiles against the dog-eat-dog success obsessed youth of today, and that may similarly divide critics along these generation gap lines.

    Prairie Miller — NewsBlaze

  • Friction is of a schematic sort that all too often seems mainly intent on recalling spiritual predecessors Midnight Cowboy and Five Easy Pieces.

    Nick Schager — Slant Magazine

  • The fish-out-of-water story shows the potential for a specific environment to transform an individual's consciousness, while never glamorizing or preaching the influence of marijuana. It's a gem of a film rooted in the reality of familial bonds and shifti

    Cole Smithey —

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